Kill Merchants of Sex before Killing the Rapists

Dr. Javed Jamil for BeyondHeadlines

In the wake of Delhi Gang rape case, I had written several articles stressing the need of uprooting the real cause of increase in all sex related threats including dangers to health and security of human beings. But such is the hold of the merchants on the system that they would not allow any curb on commercialization of sex. The nakedness continues unabated. Pornography including Child pornography is easily available on the net. All forms of unhealthy sexual behaviour are being glorified in films, serials and advertisements. Men and women have been turned into commercial rather than human beings. Let the people die of Aids! Let the people charged with sexual frenzies rape the women and children! Let women in large numbers become prostitutes! Let the families be destroyed! But the merchants of sex will not stop their business. Verma Panel Commission was clearly an attempt to further promote market sponsored feminism, which is based on the use of women as objects of sex, worthy of being sold in the market. Where are those who argued that death sentence was unnecessary even for those who do not care for others’ lives and honour? I had argued that even if there are cases where death sentence is to be condoned, it should be done not as their “right to live” but as a case of special mercy. Further, mercy in itself has no meaning if it does not take into confidence the victim himself or herself or his/her heirs.

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This is unfortunate that people are still talking only of punishing the culprits. They cannot see the need to develop a system that protects and safeguards people against vices. Organisations, mostly under the impact of internationally promoted globalization-driven ideologies, refuse to realize the need of an effective ban on commercialization of sex and alcohol and other addictions, which are directly or indirectly responsible for most of the crimes, misdemeanours and societal problems.

This is high time when Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists realized the threat to humankind from global commercialization of human weaknesses, and instead of promoting hatred against one another, they must unite to dismantle the system of evil. Murders and rapists need no mercy. But at the same time, the system must ensure that nothing that provokes baser human instincts will be allowed to exist.

There is not just the need to campaign against the governments; there is an equal need to campaign against the media, which is nothing but mere pawn in the hands of the merchants. The media should be told in clear terms that in the name of “freedom of choice”, media cannot be allowed to defend and promote immoralities, indecencies and unhealthy behaviours. What is more condemnable than the fact that media attacks the champions of morality as the “Moral Police” and itself becomes the brigadier of immorality?

(Dr. Javed Jamil is thinker and writer and can be contacted at doctorforu123@yahoo.com)

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