Swaraj Yatra Welcomed with Riots

Mubassir Ali for BeyondHeadlines

As assembly election is nearby in Rajasthan main political parties BJP and congress had started there arduous job to subjugate state and terrorize the public of Rajasthan. At one hand chief minister Ashok Gehlot is inaugurating  his projects to earn fame and also planning to have Sandesh Yatra to enumerate his works, while on other hand BJP president Rajnath Singh flagged off party leader Vasundhara Raje’s 80-day Suraj Sankalp Yatra from the famous Charbhuja temple on Thursday, with Singh urging people to make Raje the next chief minister of the desert state. In first two days of Suraj Sankalp Yatra Vasundhara Raje received two swords, these swords started their work with riots in two places in Rajasthan  – first day in Makrana which was a small one and administration controlled it but the next one started in capital Jaipur’s Sanganer town. This one was started with small incident and became a huge.


On last Thursday a communal clash that occurred in Sanganer was triggered over a trivial parking issue. Locals said that a person, aged around 45 and his 19-year-old son had gone to get a few papers photocopied at Khateekon Ki Dhaal in Sanganer. When they were parking their motorcycle, a few youths of another community asked them not to park the motorcycle on the road near the shop. However, due to lack of space in the street because of heavy rush in the market, it was difficult for the duo to remove the bike.

This led to a heated argument between the two sides. Soon, around 15 peoples joined the other community youth and the minor issue of parking led to a full-fledged clash. They broke his leg with sticks soon that clash converted to a clash between the two communities. After the incident, people of one community barged in a house and ransacked in the absence of male members of the family and damaging their property, they cruelly behaved with females in these houses. When they returned they beat up the guilty party resulting in the communal violence. Soon, both the sides started pelting stones and empty bottles on each other. Police also had to bear the brunt as 15 cops including Commissioner Biju Jorge Joseph; ACP (Sanganer) Rajesh Meel and other officials also sustained injuries. Both side had thrown stones to others houses and burned some factories.

While on last Friday huge crowd of Hindu Kranti Sena, BJP, RSS and other right-wing organizations gathered in Sanganer area. They stated sabha with rising slogans for revenge. In early morning they started targeting minority’s factories and burned around 15 paper factories. The estimated damage runs of factories runs in millions. These factories are burned completely; 60 factories are there in the area of minority community and all are in target of these pugnacious mob. Thousands of workers are working on daily wages in these factories are also in terror.

A team from Jamaat-e-Islami, PUCL, SIO and CPI was there for establishment of peace. They had visited all the places where these incidents took place and tried to pacify the condition. While on other hand some peoples had pasted the posters named with Hindu Kranti Sena and mentioned to revenge from minorities. Kavita Shrivastava of PUCL, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal Siddique of JIH, Sawai Singh, CPI’s Nisha Siddhu contacted administration for more water tanker, fire brigade and police force and also to secure the remaining factories. Earlier police had kept 144 in the area but when the condition moved out of control they imposed curfew. The atmosphere in area is tensed, panicky and rumors are in action.

Now as the elections are nearby in Rajasthan BJP has started their mission, the sankhnad of Swaraj Yatra with riots, and they are trying for divide and rule strategy. It’s beginning till election we don’t know how many Makrana and Sanganer will arise but its sure BJP and congress will do anything on any cost to win the election.

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