Chinese Premier in India and Chinese Spies in the Indian Government!

Afroz Alam Sahil for BeyondHeadlines

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has arrived in India. BeyondHeadlines is revealing astonishing facts, which will bring the whole visit of Li Keqiang under suspicion. This story will also raise many questions on the relations between Chinese Communist Party, Peoples Liberation Army and India’s powerful political family.

It’s surprising that what is the relation of the India’s most powerful political family with Chinese government’s agency? Why the Chinese agency is working with an organization having members from India’s prestigious political family including country’s Prime Minister. The question is why there are members of Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Communist Party in the organization managed and controlled by India’s most powerful family?

The facts BeyondHeadlines will reveal in this story raise a pertinent question whether the Chinese spies have even made their entry into Indian government machinery.

Indeed, this is story of a Chinese government agency whose sole purpose is to collect intelligence information from other countries. This particular Chinese agency is working with an Indian organization, which draws largely its organising committee members from the government of India.

This nefarious collaboration is being carried in these times, when China dared to enter 19 Kms within Indian territories and Indian people are raising their voices against this illegal incursion.


Facts about this Chinese Intelligence Agency

The name of this powerful Chinese agency is ‘China Association for International Friendly Contact’.  This agency works for the ruling Communist Party and Peoples Liberation Army. The members of this agency are both from ruling Chinese Communist Party and the Peoples Liberation Army.

In India, which organization is working with the above mentioned Chinese Agency?

The organization with which ‘China Association for International Friendly Contact’ works is the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies. This is an important Indian organization as most of the executive committee members of this organization are from the Central government.  Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies is one of the significant constituents of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation based in New Delhi.

Who are the members of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation?

The Chairperson of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is Sonia Gandhi and its trustees include Prinyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, P. Chidambaram, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Jairam Ramesh and Suman Dubey etc. It has many other members from Congress Party and the Central government.

What sorts of activities are being carried out by these two organizations?

They both are involved in the exchange programs, people to people contact programs and organising academic seminars etc. The details about all these are available on the website of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

How is Chinese Agency mentioned above in this story is an intelligence organization?

There are not a single but many proofs of this:-

First proof: There are many officials of China Communist Party and Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) in this organization. The website of this Chinese organization is the ample evidence where the names of the officials of PLA and Communist Party are given.

Second proof: US-China Economic and Security Review Commission in its 2011 Report has stated that this Chinese organization works for PLA and Chinese government for ‘intelligence gathering’ and collecting secret information. This commission even mentioned this organization as the front of the PLA and also made scathing criticism of the present and retired generals of the Chinese Army.

Third proof: America’s ‘Federation of American Scientists’ keep this organization in the intelligence category. According to the Federation this Chinese Agency works for collecting information about foreign armies, defence and political system and also to bring down their morale. The most interesting fact is that ‘Federation of American Scientists’ is the oldest American Science organization, which developed first atomic bomb. Federation along with research also works on Security and terrorism related issues.

Fourth proof: Indian Intelligence retired officers also concede that this Chinese organization is a PLA front. If intelligence officers are to be believed then this organization is like Kashmir American Council run by Ghulam Nabi Fai, who was arrested in America on the charges of running various programs including exchange programs with the money provided by Pakistan ISI in the name of fighting for Kashmir’s independence. Some Indian journalists were also involved in this. The reality about China Association for International Friendly Contact became clear with little research on this.

Fifth proof: According to JNU’s Centre for East Asian Studies, this Chinese Agency is a wing of Chinese Communist Party and it gathers intelligence information for China.

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation gets financing from this Chinese agency

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation got till now about $ 3 lakh from this Chinese agency. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Contemporary Studies expects to get one million US dollars from this organization and this fact has been declared on Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’s website. Whenever any Chinese President whether Huo Zintao or Wen Ziabao pays a visit to India, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Contemporary Studies gets funded. The question is why Rajiv Gandhi institute of Contemporary Studies, which has Sonia Gandhi to Prime Minister as its members, is always funded by this Chinese agency.

The circular of Ministry of Home Affairs

There is a circular of Ministry of Home Affairs that if any China or Pakistan related organization wants to organize any seminar in India, then it has to seek double clearance. This means that Home as well as External Affairs ministry’s approval is necessary for any organization of China or Pakistan.  And this is extremely difficult process. Again a question is why so much concession in the form of approval etc are being granted in the case of this Chinese organization, which has declared membership of China’s official Army and Communist Party?

The questions which arise in relation to this whole story are:

  1. What a Chinese agency is doing in India?
  2. Why this Chinese agency has tie-up with an Indian organization which has government’s important officials?
  3. Why there are officials of Chinese government and Army in this Chinese agency having collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation?
  4. Can Indian government allow any organization having officials from Pakistani government and Army, if not, then why such an attitude is not being adopted with a Chinese agency?
  5. There are special circulars for China and Pakistan, then what MHA is doing in this case?
  6. Why no input was sought from US about this Chinese agency?

The answers to all these questions are important. Until these questions are answered, the suspicion and doubts about the intentions of this Chinese agency are bound to crop up again and again. This should be kept in mind that all these questions are related to the sovereignty and integrity of India and these questions cannot be shrugged off easily.

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