I Shall Not Submit to Injustice…

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Over three crore cases are pending in various courts across the country and the innocent people are running from pillar to post in search of justice. Ironically there are number of cases in which the innocents are being allegedly framed in false cases by the authorities. That is why legal experts like retired Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju are thinking to bring justice to poor and helpless people by launching NGOs and providing other platforms.

BeyondHeadlines brings you a story of woman in the form of her own book, who travelled through such unbearable experiences while dealing with court of law and police administrations in search of justice for her family.

The book “Heart to Heart” reflects a struggle, pain, mental and emotional harassment and financial loss of a common man while hoping for justice.

I Shall Not Submit to Injustice…

The “Heart to Heart” is considered one of the inspiring account of a helpless woman for the those who are allegedly victimised of their protectors and finding no way to get out of the day to day police and court cases.

The writer, Jyoti Ghag, daughter of second World War veteran & retired (1974) Mumbai Police Officer, who left no stone unturned for bringing justice for her late father and innocent brothers, alleged in her book of being exploited by the police administration and court of law.

According to Mumbai based Anticorruption Activist Ravi Srivastava, Jyoti Ghag a courageous woman has been fighting against the corrupt system of this country for more than a decade. She underwent the pain of losing her 87 years old II nd World War Veteran father, younger brothers’ sanity to systemic corruption. What is more shocking is that Chief Justice of Maharashtra denied releasing her the Apology letter of External Affairs Ministry because she refused to bargain with him of her compensation prayer. We the Anti- Corruption Activists should support in all her endeavours of seeking justice from the High Court and other related Government Offices.

Mumbai based Human Rights Activist Pushkar Damle said that This story is of a female who is fighting against injustice, that too single handedly to restore her abused brothers and her Constitutional, HUMAN RIGHTS by raising voice against wrongs took place with her family members. I think this book may be inspirational and helpful to all those victims who don’t dare to fight for their rights.

Renowned Kathak Performer Sonia Parchure says I thought Humanity just remains as a word in Dictionary but then I came across with this courageous, strong daughter, sister, a mom who believes in only one religion she calls “Humanity”. She has been fighting for almost decade to get justice for her murdered father and to restore her mentally, physically abused brothers Human Rights. I Salute this Marathi Sister. I am proud that she calls me her friend.

Actually, it seems a story of family disputes, but facts remains unfolded when she is landed into the battle fighting from police administration to judiciary system and suffered unbearable trauma.

Although the matter is still sub-ju-dice, and it would not be correct to comment on the case in present scenario. Our intention is to encourage the people to stand for justice and fight for their rights…

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