Whether Khalid Mujahid Died or Murdered in the Judicial Custody?

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Lucknow:  The Uttar Pradesh government was facing the wrath of Muslim community in UP on the issue of making public the report of Nimesh Commission. Now, the government has attracted the added criticism of the people with the death of Khulid Mujahid on Saturday i.e. 18th May, 2013. The people of are angry with the police’s claim that Khalid Mujahid expired due to sudden illness.

According to police Khalid Mujahid was brought to Faizabad for being produced in the court in connection with serial bomb blast in Faizabad and Varanasi on 23rd November, 2007. He died in the afternoon on Saturday on the return journey at Ram Snehi Ghat, when he suddenly fell unconscious and was declared dead at the hospital.

But the advocate of the deceased Randhir Suman has accused police of murdering Khalid Mujahid. According to Randhir Suman police had its own motives to kill Khalid Mujahid as Nimesh Commission has indicted the police for implicating in terror case the innocent Khalid Mujahid. The police feared that he could disclose in public domain that he was falsely implicated in this case by the police.

Khalid Mujahid in judicial custody death or murder?

Khalid Mujahid’s advocate in Faizabad Jamal said that Khalid and other accused were there in the court from 2 to 4 pm and he was present with them in the court. Khalid was completely normal and he was not ill at all. Advocate Jamal said that it should be inquired that how come Khalid became so ill after 4 pm that he died suddenly while on his return journey to Lucknow jail.

Rihaee Manch’s activists Advocate Shoeb and Rajeev Yadav are of the view that now the real face of Akhilesh Yadav government is there for all to see. They blamed police of murdering Khalid. “Rihaee Manch will not tolerate this in any situation” says both of them. Rihaee Manch demanded that post-mortem should be conducted by neutral doctors and that too from AIIMS. The Manch also demanded CBI inquiry into the murder of Khalid Mujahid. They demanded that a fair inquiry under the present regime is not possible in the state.

The Peoples Campaign Against Politics of Terror (PCPT) activist Ameeque Jamei termed the murder as the conspiracy. Ameeque Jamei had already announced to go on hunger strike from June 20, 2013, if Nimesh Commission report was not made public till then.  He told that PCPT will soon call an urgent meeting to decide about the future course of action after the murder of Khalid Mujahid. He informs that a nation-wide struggle will be launched for the justice in this case. Another member of PCPT Aadil Hasan Azad said that this is extra-judicial killing and it should be condemned in every possible manner and terms. He demanded a fair CBI inquiry into this incident.

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav had given the orders for the inquiry of the death of Khalid Mujahid. This inquiry will be conducted either by a team comprising the Home Secretary and Additional Director of Police or the IG, Police. Akhilesh Yadav also told that a judicial inquiry will also be conducted with regard to the death of Khalid Mujahid. He informed that all accused were taken to Faizabad Court from Lucknow jail. The post-mortem will be carried out by the panel of doctors and it will be videographed. And not only this, the Human Rights Commission will also be informed about this murder, he told the Media today.

Deceased Khalid Mujahid was accused of serial bomb blast in Faizabad and Varanasi on 23rd November, 2007. The Nimesh Commission was set-up in 2007 by Mayawati government to inquire the role of Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi in these blasts. The Commission submitted its report in August, 2012. The present Akhilesh government has not made the report public. There was a consistent pressure on the UP government to make this report public. Various civil society groups want this report to be made public so that truth comes out. Now, it is more important that this report be made public so that the whole truth of Khalid’ death is known to the common people.


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