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Getting Framed Under False Charge by Top Cops

Jyoti Ghag for Beyondheadlines

I live in Sammamish with my husband and three kids. I am US citizen working for Human Rights in India since the day I lost my father to abusive death in Mumbai India in January 2003. I have been running pillar to post for several years to bring my father’s murderers to justice and to restore my brothers’ Human & Birth Rights.

There is so much routine Human Rights Violations in India, in spite of being one of the signing country of UN Human Rights “Geneva Convention”.

I was very close to bring my father’s murderers to justice while exposing the corrupt India Ambassador Washington DC officials and top cops so they tried to shut me up for good by framing me with US Homeland Security Department under false charges.

Well, I could prove my innocence to FBI Seattle Office agent Mr. John Grimsley and to local police. Interestingly India Washington DC officials have accepted their wrong doings in Indian Court of Law on 11th July 2011 but refused to forward same information to US Homeland Security Department.

Getting Framed Under False Charge by Top Cops

My dilemma is US Homeland Security Department is neither ready to take action against ambassador officials for filing false complaint against me nor ready to close my file in spite of finding out that India Ambassador officials have framed an innocent citizen.

The local police and FBI Seattle office are not accepting my complaint against Ambassador officials. After going through attached documents India Prime Minister, President and Law & Justice Ministry have issued multiple investigation orders against these corrupt officials in regards to my father’s murder and for falsely involving FBI against me.

But India is such a corrupt country that unless and until local, national, international media don’t pick up my story, those investigation orders would never turn into FIR and I will never able to clear my name from either offices.

India External Affairs Ministry Washington DC office forwarded investigation order of my father’s murder to Chief Secretary of Maharashtra Mr. Johnny Joseph and Director General Police Mr. S.S. Virk on 29th September 2009 which reached at Home Ministry Mumbai office on 30th September.

Mumbai Joint Commissioner Police of Crime Mr. Rakesh Maria and Commissioner police Mr. Shivanandan who was dreaming to become Director General Maharashtra Police bribed India Ambassador official Police officer Mr. Sanjay Sinha for framing me with US Homeland Security under false charges of Terrorism. Sammamish Police and FBI Agent of Seattle office put me through hours of intense investigation.

Look at the time frame in this two documents, if ambassador officials were concerned about their and my safety then instead of sending investigation order to Director General of Police and to Chief Secretary of Maharashtra State office, why didn’t they approach FBI at first place on 29th September or even in August 2009 when I reached out to them for help?

The officials of Indian Police Service serving for Maharashtra State directly come under Home Minister Mr. R. R. Patil. Since he is not in capacity to read documents in English, I knew he won’t be able to understand the FBI report (please see the 11 pages dated 28th September 2010 Doc 4 attached) and King County Dispatch records so I made multiple trips to India between year 2010 and 2012 to meet him personally.

I translated entire FBI report in Marathi (Local Language) for him. Unfortunately Home Minister still decided to protect involved top cops and his ministry officials Mrs. Chandra Iyanger and Mr. Umesh Chandra Sarangi for obvious reason.

One can imagine how many hundreds of dollars Shivanandan must have spent on India Ambassador Washington DC officials, Home Minister Mr. Patil, Top Cops namely P. Kandaswamy, Rakesh Maria, Chandra Iyenger, Sanjay Sinha and on others so he could remain untouched while putting my life and liberty in danger and continued protecting my father’s murderers and my brothers’ abusers till date.

Please help me clear my name my name and bring the corrupt Washington DC India Ambassador officials and my father’s murderers to justice in urgent manner.

(The writer, Jyoti Ghag, daughter of second World War veteran & retired (1974) Mumbai Police Officer.)

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