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There is No Glamour when a Baller is Running with the Ball in His Hand…

Harsha Bhogle a well known cricket commentator launched a book ‘Jeetne Ke Raste’ recently in New Delhi. This book is about achieving success and reaching the heights by learning some lessons. He and his wife Mrs Anita Bhogle has merged cricket and management together and had brought this book to the public and readers. He wants to convey the message of success in the words of cricket and management. Presenting a lovely talk with Harsha Bhogle by Arghya Saha for BeyondHeadlines.

a lovely talk with Harsha Bhogle by Arghya Saha for BeyondHeadlines.

What is your book all about?

My book is about the cricket and management. How they both relate to each other and how people get success by learning lessons from them.

So can we take it as a success tip book?

(Smiles) No, it is not a success tip book but actually there are lessons that how the winners should handle their success, accepting the word that we lost the game, how to be a good leader and a lot more.

Is the book fruitful for normal leaders, who don’t belong to cricket or management field?

Yes, ofcourse. Actually the book portraits the experiences and the views of people from cricket and the management field. As cricket is so much popular in India. People would think about the decisions taken by the cricketers at critical situations and would apply those experiences and decisions to their life. This is how the book is fruitful to them, because in daily life also we have to take crucial decisions. The whole life is like test matches and every another day is like a 20-20 match.

As cricket is so popular in India, then why not people write more books on cricket?

Seriously, I also don’t know why there are not much books on cricket and sports. But now i think people have started reading sports books. Specially the youth is so keen about the sports books.

How many books are sold from the English edition of the book?

I think we have crossed the count of 70,000 books.

Why a book on sports and management?

Actually the whole credit goes to my wife Anita who did 70-80% of the work for the book. Since i am from the field of cricket and she is for management field. We both collaborated our ideas and came up with this book.

Do you think cricket is turning too glamorous day by day?

No, there is no glamour when a baller is running with the ball in his hand. There is no “Pretty Zinta or shilpa Shetty” who are playing cricket but it is actually the players who are playing the game no one else matters.

But people behind the curtain are glamorous?

They are glamorous, but their job is to just put money for tournament and do business, they don’t add any glamour to the actual game.

In India cricket is treated as a religion. So do you think it is getting high on the nerves of the youth in a negative way?

It is getting high because of the participation of youth in the illegal activities. If a person goes to the illegal bookies, then it is their fault, not the game is responsible for that. They should treat the game as only a game nor a business.Also if people bet on cricket they also bet in stock markets, and many pther fields. Cricket is still not taking people’s lives as image in other fields are worse.

Is the book related to your life experiences and your views?

No, it doesn’t relate to my experiences but it is a simple book which is relating the cricket and management to the life. I need not to shout or tell people about my experiences and success by writing a book. I don’t think a succeeded man needs to tell about his success to his people. People start talking about his success themselves only.

How much time you spent on writing this book?

I think writing is a very time consuming process. I actually spent 2 years on this book.

Is your book a profit earning project for you?

No its absolutely not. I don’t want to earn any profit out of it. Yes, its not like we are not earning anything out of it but its not purely a business  material. If it would been like this, then i would have made its MRP much higher.

What do you think about the corporate field entering into the world of sports?

I think it is very beneficial for sports. Players get more exposure with more money and  also a good image of sports in india is displayed to world. I have no problem with the participation of corporate into sports.

Does your book have the corporative language as every other book on management or sports have?

No, I had tried to make the language of my book as simple as possible. That is why I have translated this book to many languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi; Tamil etc to the people can read this book easily and can understand the motive of this book.

What are you expecting from your book?

I expect more and more people to read this book as the book tells about the relation of Cricket, Management and the common life of the people.


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