Minority Witch Hunting, Fake Encounters Endanger Secularism, Democracy

SM Fasiullah for BeyondHeadlines

Unlawful happenings such as fake encounter killings, illegal detentions of Muslim youths, and human rights violations of minorities in India have raised numerous questions in public and obstructed the delicate secular fabric.

Retd. IG of Uttar Pradesh, S.R. Darapuri’s statement about mystery of Muslim youths’ disappearance and their framing in bomb blast cases; the National Human Rights Commission’s (NHRC) report on alleged fake encounter killings; and a recent shocking revelation that terror attacks on Parliament and Mumbai (26/11) were allegedly sponsored by incumbent governments – all these endanger India’s secular and democratic character.

Minority Witch Hunting, Fake Encounters Endanger Secularism, DemocracyWhile concerned people across India are debating these things, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has come out, like many other concerned organizations and citizens, with its criticism.

SDPI National President Mr. A. Sayeed has expressed his grave concern over these untoward happenings across the nation.

“These upshots have shaken the largest democracy in the world and it’s very strange that till date there hasn’t been any official clarification from the governments,” said Sayeed.

According to the NHRC report, a total of 555 cases of extra judicial killings allegedly committed by police, defense and paramilitary forces were recorded in the last four years.

Witch hunting of minorities, particularly Muslim youths, is a quite common activity in the country irrespective of who’s ruling at the state and centre.

While talking about custodial death of Khalid Mujahid, Mr. Darapuri revealed that the investigative agencies unlawfully abduct, keep several Muslim youth into its secret custody and implicate them in bomb blast.

People of this country could believe this witch-hunting, as indication by Ex-Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra, S.M Mushrif; report of Justice Nimesh Commission; and findings of Tehelka are a few sources that corroborate the fact.

Criticizing the government about Parliament and Mumbai (26/11) terror attacks revelation, Mr. Sayeed said it was more “miserable to see no any sort of clarification from the government”.

“Shouldn’t the government decide about constituting a high level commission of inquiry to investigate all terror cases in which Muslims are being framed and maligned?”, asked Mr. Sayeed.

Debate on Batla House encounter has furthered following the judgment on the same by a Delhi court. BH Editor Afroz Alam Sahil has followed the case from the day one and brought to fore many loopholes which have unfortunately been sidelined or simply ignored.

Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association (JTSA) has recently released a report entitled “Beyond Reasonable Doubt? The Conviction of Shahzad Ahmad”. The report narrates and logically examines circumstances and evidences pertaining to the encounter, and confirms existence of loopholes in police story and weaknesses in the trail.

“The judgement is based on conjectures and assumptions, shifting the burden of proof from the prosecution to the accused, inverting established legal principles, whilst putting judicial seal on communal biases of the investigative agencies,” noted Manisha Sethi of JSTA.

Mr. Sayeed has also expressed deep shock and dismay over the Batla House encounter case verdict by a Delhi court.

He also pointed out that the “input” for the Batla House case came from the same Intelligence Bureau (IB) special director who provided the inputs that were used for 17 fake encounters in Gujarat, currently being probed.

He stated that his party firmly believes that the Batla House encounter was fake and demands for a high level judicial enquiry into the incident.

“It’s even hypothetical to know about the mysterious hands influencing the administration leading towards the regretful affairs,” SDPI noted.

“The unseen hands are diminishing the respects of our secularism and empowering the government agencies to more which are orchestrating the fake encounter killings.”


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