PUCL Moves SC Over Rights and Rules Violation

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Andhra Pradesh president of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Jaya Vindhyala has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India against rights violators and for the protection of fundamental rights of Indian citizens.

Ms. Vindhyala, who is also a practicing advocate in AP High Court, had been charged with criminal offenses in a case No. 75/2013 of police station 1 town in Chirala, Prakasham District, AP.

She said PUCL had raised voice against the illegal activities of Chirala MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan, due to which he bored grudge against the organizers including her by using his influences.

Ms. Vindhyala alleged that she had been kept in illegal detention for three days and police behaved like “street rowdies and Area Goondas” with her despite the fact that she’s a woman and a law abiding citizen.

In addition, she stated in the petition that the offences charged against her are bailable in nature but the investigation officer didn’t choose to “follow the procedure” and served no notice with regard to explanation of the offences.

She also alleged that after being produced before the concerned magistrate, in front of whom she stated about the ill treatment by police while shifting her from Hyderabad to Chirala without any warrant. She said the magistrate did not record her statement on 12 May 2012.

After spending three days in prison her bail petition was consideration and she was released on 14 May 2013.

“It is nothing but illegal detention for 3 days and they tortured me mentally, what happened and what has gone wrong with me I can’t understand till today,” Vindhuala recalls.

“I am an activist of human rights and a responsible citizen from this great nation, the judicial officer and state police behaved like a licenced goondas with me, then what about situation of ordinary women,” she added.

Ms. Vindhuala noted in the petition that due to the acts of police and judicial officer, she had undergone “serious mental agony” and “degraded by the police and judicial officer”.

“Being a human rights activist, lady advocate, I faced lot of insult by State Acts and judicial negligence. It is submitted that I don’t know which institution could compensate whatever I undergone, a mental agony, insult, degrade from all these DAYS till now,” she said.

“I am expecting stringent action against concerned judicial officer and against the STATE POLICE (concerned investigating police officer) and protect the rights of citizens of the India.”


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