An open letter to Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of U.P.

Dear Sh. Akhilesh Yadav,

We are writing this letter to you as a common citizen of this country. Our country is famous for its values, for its belief in unity in diversity and harmonious bonds among people. It is widely held that we still value people to people bonds more than anything else.

As a member of society, we remember that how we become affected with the incidents in our neighborhood. We understand that we, in fact, live a social life as a major portion and individual life as a minor portion of our total time. We remember that how a death in our neighborhood involve us all in a deep pain.

We also think that these sentiments of empathy and humanity may not be tied to a specific country or culture. We think they are universal ideals. But it seems that you who belong to a family that is deeply involved with grassroot politics and has a strong hold in Uttar Pradesh, you who has done politics in the name of ‘socialism’ that aims for the upliftment of the poor and the marginalised and so was expected to realise and uphold the similarity between you and an ordinary person does not feel so.

This was why you laughed and danced at the time when your neighborhood was mourning in a deep pain. You were arranging five star rooms when your neighborhood was getting a bulldozer over its camp homes made of plastic. You were warm enough to ignore the cold trembling of poor children, women and men in open fields in your neighborhood. When you were trying to put your place in high beam of flash lights, you did not see how many in your neighborhood are forced to have a dark present and probably future. Sadly, when you welcomed celebrities and ministers and greeted them with a warm hug, you never thought about the tearful eyes of mothers in your neighborhood.

We condemn this apathetic and unacceptable behaviour by you and your party. We do not feel that it was really necessary and important to organize Saifai mahotsav this year and to spend crores of rupees over that. We do not feel that all your acts were justified and needed for a harmonious society. It was neither in favor of people at large, nor for a politics of ‘socialism’ and never for the victims of your neighborhood- victims of Muzaffarnagar riots.

We take the cognizance of your act. We, as a citizen, condemn this act of yours and your party. We believe that any person of any civilized society, a person with moral values and a person who considers everyone equal, who favors harmony and togetherness over hate and isolation, would have never behaved in this manner.

Dear Akhilesh Yadav, you must review your acts and after realisation, you must come before people and apologize for your acts. You, as a citizen, must assure them that you are with them in all conditions. You, as a chief minister, must attend to their adequate facilities and rehabilitation in proper way. We believe that it will be in favor of humanity, equality and justice.


Ravi Nitesh

on behalf of

Mission Bhartiyam, an organization , working for Peace & Communal Harmony, Human Rights & Environment

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