New Year Greetings to People Looking Forward to Corruption Free Nation

Zaheer Zaidi for BeyondHeadlines

2014 is special for Am Admi since he wants to see a corruption free India. One should not forget the fact that to go to heaven, she/he has to die himself. Hence to eradicate corruption you have to take part in the movement against it.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is not a political party but it is an ideology, a movement. A winner does not do different things but he does it differently. Corruption is the root cause of every evil and people want to get rid of it.  But they lack the courage to come forward.

Kejriwal & Co stood like a rock against corruption and due to their persistence Aam Admi today is able to taste freedom after 65 years of Independence. Kejriwal may be considered a re- incarnation of Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu opened the doors of Congress for Aam Admi in 1915. His vision made freedom movement a phenomenal success. But slowly and gradually Congress shut these doors. Particularly Sonia Gandhi could not foresee impact of her arrogance. Present PM has been her most obedient servant for the last ten years. Dr. Man Mohan an honest person is being called a dishonest person just to save the honor of Her Majesty. “Mahlon me rahne walo ko ghareebon ke dard se kya“.

Kejriwal has an obsession to serve the poor. Otherwise an IRS officer can mint money. To get acquainted from the problem of the poor he lived 3 months in Jhuggi. With this experience he can understand their pain and work towards reducing this pain. He re-opened the doors for Aam Admi. As a result everybody feels that “AAP ki sarkaar is his/her own sarkar”.

Regarding BJP: Modi might had been a chaiwala however crores are being spent over his rallies. Who pays and for what reason for rally it is no secret. Who knows that corruption might get multiplied if BJP comes to power.

I would advise Congress stalwarts, not to simply support AAP from outside, but to support it in constructive ways. Let them complete their full term and show their work.

On the New Year we should pledge: “We are Hindustani, neither Hindu Rashtrawadi, nor Muslim Nationalist and our Param Dharma is to eradicate corruption.”

Wishing you a very happy prosperous New Year.

Jai Hind!

Aam Admi


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