Challenge SC Judgment on Shabnam Hashmi Child Adoption Petition

Dr Hamid Kazi for BeyondHeadlines

The landmark judgment on child adoption comes on an 8 years old petition by activist Shabnam Hashmi who had approached the Supreme Court after being refused permission to adopt. Dr Hamid thinks many issues will come up from this judgment, which should be challenged.

India allows Muslims to be legal guardian of any Kid but does not allow Muslims to adopt any child due to Islamic Law not permitting same. I respect this framed Law and I was informed of this when my adoption application was not accepted by Mumbai High Court in 2001.

In fact I was angry on the old clerk who refused to accept it telling me Muslims are not allowed to adopt in India and I started fighting with him on grounds of discrimination between Muslims and Hindus in High Court, also even threatened him of legal action and FIR for this words to which the old man told me ‘What can I do if your Quran and Islam does not permit same?’

I was shocked on the words and apologized him in front of all present due to my lack of knowledge of Islamic Shariah, and Indian Law respecting our Shariah Law made me very happy.

Reading the news of the latest Supreme Court judgment just gives one clear message to all Indian Muslims if you do not want to follow Islamic Shariah Law you can go to courts and slowly but surely we will keep on making changes in the name of Indian Law to be followed by all Indians.

We must first look into our people who want to get the changes for their personnel needs and benefits against the book of Allah there will be so many cases filed in various courts in India like this so we must challenge such decision and stop it now before thousands of cases get judgment showing this Supreme Court Judgments to all.

I request my Muslim lawyer brothers to challenge this judgment and also tell Shabnam Hashmi first take the pain of pregnancy then own a kid, then only she will know the difference of adoption and child bearing.

Many issues will come up soon from this judgment. Please challenge this judgment at the earliest or a fatwa can be issued against Shabnam Hashmi by our muftis making her a non-believer for going against the Islamic Law. This is very much in our hand and social media can give this fatwa a higher circulation than the news of judgment and also declare that she cannot be buried in any Muslim graveyard for her being non-believer.

[Views expressed are personal; may not necessarily reflect editorial policy.]


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