My Vote, My Demands – India’s General Elections 2014

In a democracy, vote is the most valuable asset of a citizen. As the General Elections are approaching, a group named ‘Citizen Charter’ has put down interesting demands before the candidate who comes for asking their vote. It writes: “As a citizen of India I’m going to cast my vote in the coming general election in April-May 2014. But I’ve my own privileges to utilize my right to vote, which should be according to my own determination. I’ve certain demands in offering my vote to any particular candidate or political party.”

Demands are as follows:

  • 6% of budget allocation for Education: India is far behind in education. It is said in constitution to allocate at least 6percent for education only. But since independence our governments are reducing the amounts for education. It is now under 2.5%. Every politician uttering to create a developed India, but they provide a backward facilities for education which can widen our future. So I’ll vote only those who will continuously argue for this demand in Lok Sabha.
  • Access of RTI in 25 year old intelligence, military and defense information: The Right to Information Act 2015 is one of the magnificent laws making in 21st century by the 1st UPA government. But the RTI Act still restricted to know the information on some really important fields such as intelligence service, defense, information about foreign relations etc. This Act also restricted under the age old Official Secret Act 1923. The information on intelligence should be given under RTI Act at least 25 year old information.
  • Pardon to the country on the hanging of Afzal Guru: the hanging of Afzal Guru on 11 February 2013 was dark day for our democracy since he was not proved as culprit in a fair trial and the prosecutors could not submit substantial evidences to prove his guilty. Moreover, the investigation team could not arrest any other person in the parliament attack case. The government didn’t express accent to investigate on the names in the Afzal Guru’s statement. Therefore, I’ll vote for only the one, who will publicly pardon on the hanging of ‘innocent’ Afzal Guru and who’ll fight in parliament for justice to all innocents in Indian jails, who have been fabricated in terror cases under POTA, UAPA and other draconian law.
  • Re-investigation on ‘communal riots’ after 1980: The communal riots are constant in India since pre-independence period and it harm the amity among different cultures and communities. It also affects country’s peace and tranquility. The reason for every riot is political rather than religious causes. But the governments never attempt to conduct a fair investigation on the continuous communal riots around the country rather appointing commissions. Moreover the victims in communal riots still live urging justice from the authority. The increasing influence of Hindutva ideology can be seen in communal riots after 1980 except Sikh pogrom of 1984. I demand re-investigation on all communal riots after 1980 occurred around the country. And dispense justice for the victims and their close relatives.
  • Stop using GM crops in agriculture: India still is an agricultural society. The major occupation of rural community is agriculture and they highly depended on better harvest. Our governments have done several attempts to develop the agricultural field with innovative techniques. But the impact of those techniques is just in the figures of production rather than the curse and boon for our agriculture. The latest implementation is genetically modified crops. BT cotton has already sown in the field and the issues in BT Brinjal are still going on. Government has given sanction to develop GM crops to a multi-national company. The side effects of GM crops have already affects our agriculture. So I demand my candidate to force the government to withdraw its stand on GM crops.
  • Discontinue developmental imbalance between regions: The formation of Telengana is the result of developmental discrimination against that region of Andhra Pradesh. Likewise there are several regions in India are either underdevelopment or less developed when compare to adjacent region or other parts of state. Even in metro cities we can see this difference. For example, North and South Delhi of national capital. The Malabar region of the so called ‘most developed’ state, Kerala is a big instance in this discrimination. I demand the candidate to raise this issue in the Lok Sabha and lead to eliminate this issue by further dividing administrative divisions if necessary.
  • Repeal AFSPA, UAPA and Sec. 66 of IT Act and dilute the Official Secrets Act: these laws are very hazardous to the citizens of the country. There are several misuses have done with these Acts around the country. I strongly demand to repeal these draconian laws.

I need a solemn guarantee on above demands from you to give my vote in favor of you. is the email ID for that Citizen Charter

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