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We are approaching the largest democratic elections in the history of humanity. From April 7 to May 12 around 815 million voters are expected to go to 9,30,000 polling stations to exercise their political choice to elect the members for the 16th Lok Sabha. This nine phase federal elections will also coincide with state level assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Odisha and Sikkim. This election season will see political parties spending more than 30, 000 crores (more than US $5 billion, as per a CMS study).

As we at BeyondHeadlines prepare to cover the 2014 Elections and the issues and debates involved in it, we want to know from our readers on what they think on the Elections and the related issues.

We are happy to announce that BeyondHeadlines is launching Donate An Article Campaign (DAAC). We welcome articles from scholars, policy analysts, political leaders, activists, concerned citizens, journalists, NRIs and young students. Best Elections Coverage will be awarded with certificates and a cash prize.

Please feel free to contact:

Donate An Article Campaign (DAAC)
BeyondHeadlines, New Delhi

email:[email protected]


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