Jail-Bail-FIR Showcase: Ambani & Deyani – Dollar Deal (Part-II)

In Part-1 of this article links were seen as to how Jail-Bail-re-indictment of Devyani Khobragade has unfair dollar payments. Second link was the FIR on Mukesh Ambani for the KG Basin gas dollar payments-at the cost of hidden profit which was a media blackout.

Thanks to the fast action of Election Commission to stop the cruel hike of natural gas price getting double by 1st April. This is a tight slap on the face of pseudo intellectuals who dismissed the FIR on Mukesh Ambani and PIL on gas price as a lie.

This is also an opportunity to Aam Admi to choose their future leaders carefully as this price hike is stopped only for two months. What is missed by the readers is that if Modi Government comes to power it shall further increase the profit of Reliance to 16 dollars per unit at the cost of hike in price of almost all essential items.

In Mukesh Ambani’s gas scam all political parties except the left and AAP are silent and hiding from any uncomfortable questions. Sample the only media hush report you may find is on recent court proceedings:

Hearing of two PILs seeking the junking of the government decision to increase the gas price from $4.2 mmbtu to $8.4 mmbtu is in slow progress. This includes NGO Common Cause seeking an SIT/CBI probe into the increase of gas prices, gifting tax benefits and not insisting on the relinquishment of gas blocks in KG Basin by Reliance Industries. Why another Indian company is used to export gas to Bangladesh at a favorable 2.34 dollars per unit?

Dollar Payment against Constitutional Norms:

When all Indian gas produced is used in India and almost all major inputs including Human capital and experts are ‘desi’-indigenous then why India is gifting away payments in dollar to Reliance in KG Basin ‘ghotalla’?

Will any other Swadeshi gas producer in India get such VIP protection? Imagine hiring of a plumber asked to transfer and monitor water from a ground level tank to the higher floor tank by a flat owner for 17 years.

Will the flat owner allow the plumber to breach the contract, corrupt the managers and then start charging water as per the market rate whereas the water ownership belongs never to the plumber?

In reliance case the ownership of oil wells belongs to India and Indian people wherein the skill, technique and labor risk belongs to Reliance.

Devyani Arrest warrant in US reads:

“Khobragade’s decision to manufacture a fraudulent employment agreement that complied with the requirements of US laws demonstrated clearly her knowledge of the applicable legal requirements.”

“Because it was created by Khobragade solely to deceive the US embassy during the victim’s (visa) interview,” the employment contract “included false statements” that made it seem as if the diplomat’s arrangement with the “victim would comply with applicable US laws”.

Government does not wake up on stories of double standards and poor service to overseas Indians which is the core issue for millions. If there is a group of forty Indians in Zimbabwe who are there without their families and they want to have a ‘desi’ Indian cook then the Diplomacy suggests to declare a false contract not as cook but as a factory technician which gets rejected.

Why should immunity be not given in such cases to millions of Aam (common) immigrants who are send overseas on false promises? Ex- President Mrs. Pratibha Patil in her lavish aprox.213 crores visit to European countries took 61 persons with her including 8 skilled cooks. When few Indian investors in Africa request for cook visa permit the Indian embassy with double standard fails to protect the human rights.

Should Ministry of External Affairs tell why under Indian immigration law fails to stop companies in exporting employees without written contract which is illegal? Can MEA share how many companies they have caught & penalized & generated punishment revenue to stop this inhuman trafficking?

Standing by the weak or safeguarding business of a strong?

It is high time that the Indian government declares the code of conduct of investors and workers. Patriotism is not just about standing by the rich and powerful but about standing by Gandhi’s “last” (the poorest and weakest) individual or Ambedkar’s Dalit (oppressed) person.

Parliament Noises: BJP leader Arun Jaitley asks the government to take action U.S. diplomats, Samajwadi Party’s Azam Khan offers a seat in his constituency to Ms. Khobragade and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati says that the Indian government was slow in reacting to Ms. Khobragade’s arrest because she was a Dalit, they are ignoring the very ethos of equal rights on which our nation rests.

BJP failed in the past to take action against the business companies of its ex- President Mr. Gadkari where he declared his driver, his pundit ji, and his ‘bakerywala’ all as Directors of his company. For more details see the article which appeared on 28th. Feb-2014 in this column title: Nitin Gadkari Model ‘insults’ Honest Business Houses.

India’s policy if really interested to include concerns of 99% workers has to be holistic to safeguard people’s needs. and not the business need and greed of few. Buck of greed does not stop abroad but while bouncing back home in Delhi we find the AAP exposing how the contract culture in MCD. Arvind Kejriwal while explaining the 18 conditions of his voters on Channels exposed the exploitation as to how millions of workers sign on monthly wage of Rs.10,000/- but in actual they receive only Rs.4000/- per month. Extortion saga by contract system does not end on the unskilled workers and there are reports of even how doctors and nurses and signing on higher salary but receive petty deducted amount at the end of the month.

We need to formulate a single policy that deals with the concerns of Indians indigenous and abroad and — not just of diplomats but of investors, workers, sailors, businesspersons, cooks, factory fitters, fishermen and others like babysitter. Usually the foreign country immigration refuses the common investor or worker outside. The host country usually discourages cooks and babysitter as they are easily available locally. As the global and business profile of India increases, it is only natural that more Indians find themselves in legal and diplomatic crosshairs around the world. Resolving the concerns of majority 99% Indians send abroad on verbal commitment needs to be restored instead of demanding apology from US government.

The fundamental error in Government ‘Desi’- Foreign Service hides a short circuit in name of a tradition or ‘parampara’. Core issue is an economic gap: between a servant and a diplomat and between a small company and a crony capitalist like Ambani. Indian window in shape of Indian voice needs a wakeup call to protect the common man and not the privileged VIP groups for justice on Indian-foreign soil as we see in Mukesh Ambani- Devyani case.

Part-1 : Jail-Bail-FIR Showcase: Ambani & Deyani – Dollar Deal


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