Muslim Leadership Responsible for Community’s Sorry Condition in India

Reacting to the views of a section of the Muslim community that the current campaign against terrorism (which started with detention of two Muslim youngsters from Jamia Nagar in New Delhi) is an electoral stunt, JNU scholar Omair Anas says it’s more than a stunt as worse is yet to come. He writes: “I don’t agree with people who think that current campaign against terrorism is only an electoral stunt. This is a warm up time before the full exercise to start with Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. The worst is coming either as punishment for not electing Congress or for not electing Narendra Modi.”

Muslim leadership is responsible for this to happen. Failure of Muslim Leadership:

1. They enjoyed personal friendship with Congress Leadership but failed to get a White Paper on the issue, failed to inform this country about what they know about Indian Mujahidin.

2. They utterly failed to get any word from Congress on Police Reforms which is mother of all problems on terrorism.

3. They failed to get any assurance on rehabilitation rights of victims of police conspiracies.

4. They utterly failed on what Hamid Ansari had started as chairman of National Commission of Minorities, to get constitutional status for miserably weak and pathetic National Commission for Minorities.

5. They were played by emotional politics and Congress criminally dilly delayed all legal measures to stop misuse of police and intelligence.

6. They have completely failed to get accountability fixed on any of terror cases in which criminal conspiracy of police has been prove.

7. Muslim leadership is not accepting the fact that something has really gone wrong within Madrasa system and religious establishments.


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