Narendra Modi Walking in Bush’s Footsteps?

S M Muneeb for BeyondHeadlines

Election mood is gearing up with political parties trying to swing the mood of voters in their favor. BJP has already announced its prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. Amid this election circus our alert Police arrested another module of Indian Mujahedeen (IM), reportedly planning to execute BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and other important leaders. According to media reports, Delhi Police told that this team of IM was planning and was on the foot to execute Modi.

It’s same as done in America at the time of presidential election of Ex- President George W Bush. He used this trick in his presidential elections by releasing the video speech of Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden in the ongoing election campaigning in which Osama was giving warning to America and its people regarding attack.

It is to be noted that Bush was the candidate at that time who was famous regarding his hard policies towards terrorism and attack on Afganistan. After the video came into public, Americans thought that Bush and his policies can only end this terrorism and can save us. So Bush became president of America.

In India in the mid of elections arrest of these alleged terrorists indicate towards the same trick by framing the IM in place of Al Qaida who were planning to attack Modi. And most importantly Modi’s face is famous for anti-Muslim activities, due to which Modi will become hero of common innocent people. Before this it is generally seen that in the field of technology, the thing which was used in in the western countries later after some years brought to Indian market but now this is happening in politics also.

But due these dirty tricks most important thing which is happening is that the image of whole community got damaged. The man got frightened and misguided. Now the thing is that common man of this country will understand these tricks of politics or will also act wrongly as already happened in America.


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