Social Entrepreneurship for Transgender and Women Living in Slums

Shivali Malhotra for BeyondHeadlines

“Women’s are the best incarnations of the God on this planet earth”

As we all know that the women’s are the finest incarnations and the soul that are incarnated by god. They are mothers, sisters, wives’, daughters, daughter-in-laws and even the entrepreneurs. Women’s have shown there charm in every sector from the households to the economy.

There are several rights popping up each day in this society for women’s after the Damini Rape Case (Nirbhaya) and thus from past few years one topic that has been highly influenced is of the Transgender. The people of section-377 or the LGBT too comprises of the transgender group and being the most vulnerable incarnations of the god. They have been out casted their role in the economic society too.

Rather in today’s world they are the most successful entrepreneurs leading the economic market. Many transgender live in the slums and from there itself they are operating and polishing there entrepreneurship skills and talent. The new and improvised innovations not only are promising to the global problems, but yes are the positive change, empowering such people to expand their reach and explore their areas.

Kalki Subramanian a famous transgender lady who is just not highly educated but is a very successful entrepreneur, who is working tirelessly to improve the status of transgender in the society. She knew the root problems and every stoppable stoppage that could be violated in her path. But being determined towards her goal she succeeded and became the most charming personality, though a famous one in the Indian Society.

Transgender and the women’s are the sources of resources and getting things done by hook and crook or by love and affection, there logistics and strategic skills are really overwhelming.

Every change in the society is for the betterment and with the high rates of unemployment and homeless in the slums has motivated such people to do something for themselves and even for the slum people too. They have been out of the box and have thought and have been fought for their rights and have created the opportunities and needs for the most vulnerable citizens of the world.

Personally, being the student of the entrepreneurship, I feel so good and proud that every class of society even people of the slum areas, transgender and women are actively contributing in the GDP of Indian Economic.

It is said in Bhagwad Geeta: You should never prove people for your right or wrong and should never defeat or demolish them, just take a stand on your part, do your Karma’s, focus on your path and help people who are falling and you will see that the God will be helping you by raising your level and status in the society and blessing you in all your work.


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