Time for Secularists to Unite and Strike

BeyondHeadlines Editorial Desk

A spectre of hatred filled Nationalism is haunting the nation. The communal forces are conspiring to exorcise secularism from this multicultural, multilingual, multi religious peaceful land called India.

All the communal powers are united and speaking the same language to decry secularism and make fun of it. They are forgetting that the fascism they are dreaming to bring has long been defeated and history has time and again taught the humanity that only love and mutual respect for varied views can sustain and survive.

The fakers and liars are trying to sell hatred and division, conceit and greed, power and prestige in a package wrapped under well crafted illusion called development (minus happiness).

All the lies spoken from glittering podiums, all the conspiracies to divide and polarize voters in name of religion prove two points.

  1. The overconfident political zionists have acknowledged secularism as biggest threat to their ill fated power dreams. They already knew that they are defeated and have rested their hopes for victory only in lies and division.
  2. Only secularism powered with mutual love and respect for other religions and cultures can defeat communalism. All secularist and humanity lovers must unite and come together to put these fakers and liars in their place.

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