New Age Film After The Third Bell to Release on 4 April 2014

Kamala Kanta Dash for BeyondHeadlines

Ajay Govind is a dreamer and creatively challenges established practices. His new film After The Third Bell is a brilliant attempt in new age film making. This is a film on murder mystery, but goes beyond that and raises important questions on crime, police and investigations. “Temporary Sach” comes across as an important idea in the movie. Ajay names the police investigation process as temporary sach when the police need to find someone quickly to show its effectiveness until the real culprit is caught. Many of us can identify this happening often in our neighbourhood. Temporary Truth will be an academic contribution of the film towards the study of sociology, policing and law.

1618443_654733754574762_1026674318_nGiven this background we at BeyondHeadlines (BH) have approached Ajay to partner with After The Third Bell (ATTB) and we will cover the pre-release and post-release developments. The film is getting a limited theatrical release in 8 prominent cities (Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Bengaluru & Cochin). We will continue to bring you the regular updates including interviews of the ATTB Team and reviews of the film.

Like the facebook page and Stay updated https://www.facebook.com/afterthethirdbell and visit the official age of After The Third Bell:http://www.afterthethirdbell.com/home.html to know more about the movie, crew and theatrical trailer.

Synopsis of the Film:

When the third bell went off, none of the actors or the audience had a clue about what they were going to be witness to. During the live performance of the comedy play ‘A Perfect Relationship’ an actor dies on stage.

ACP B.C Banerjee is forced to cut his vacation short and come back to the capital. To complicate the situation further this case brings together two things that Banerjee is disdainful of: theatre and homosexuals. And during the course of the investigation his prejudices get the better of him.

The investigation is a game for BC, each suspect his opponent. And with each subsequent stage of this game he finds himself getting closer to finding out what happened… after the third bell.


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