‘Politics of Hatred’ Book Released

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A new book entitled ‘Politics of Hatred’ written by Ms. Kaneez Fathima has been released this Sunday at Press Club in Basheerbagh, Hyderabad by renowned academician Prof. Kancha Illaiah, Director, Centre for Social Exclusion and Inclusive Studies, MANUU.

Dr. G. Nagaraju of Department of Sociology (HCU), who presided over the meeting, said he was delighted and agreed to publishers when they approached him with an invitation.

After reading the book, he said to have found many new issues including the in-depth study on partition of India, reservation for Muslims, detailed study of Madrasas and conditions of Muslim women after the Makkah Masjid bomb blast.

Praising Kaneez Fathima for her work as a Muslim woman, Dr. Rafat Seema called it “very important work” and “written on very serious issues of the society”.

She noted that Ms. Fathima’s research on Madrasas brought out the facts of the education, syllabus and other details into public domain, as the state and the police were labeling Madrasas as hub of terrorism. “But it is the matter of fact that the Madrasas are the centre of Education and provide education to the poorest of the poor in the community,” she added.

Mr. Lateef Mohammed Khan of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC), who was Guest of Honor of the meeting, congratulated and conveyed his best wishes and greetings to Ms. Fathima.

While thanking Indus Publications for publishing this book, he said all the articles of this book reflect the present situation and provide the facts and figures. “By going through this book one can imagine how the Muslim community is suffering, how the state is conspiring against this community, how the ruling class of this country is using all the sources to suppress the voice of Muslim community, he remarked.

He expressed that the book exposes the Hindutva terrorism working under the garb of nationalism and spoiling the lives of Muslims. In addition, Mr. Khan pointed out KCR’s cunning politics and called KCR “most opportunist leader” in Indian politics and gave the slogan, KCR Harao, Telangana Bachao.

Prof. Kancha Illaiah criticized the selfish politics on the name of Telangana and said that the revolutionaries are silent on the attacks on Muslims and Christians from the time the Telangana movement started.

“It has completely turned into the Hindutva movement. The Telangana joint action committee led by Kodandram Reddy, promoted the fascist forces and played a major role in the defeat of a Muslim candidate in the by-elections of Telangana in Mahboobnagar district,” he added.

Historian Dr. Bhangya from EFL University, gave many details of the Nizam period called Nizam “very much secular”. He said “if the Nizam is labeled as communal then Gandhi should also be named as communal.”

He also remarked that “if Telangana goes in the hands of KCR then it will be disastrous for Telangana.”

The book is published by Indus Publication House in Hyderabad. This publication house was started by Madiga Intellectuals for disseminating the knowledge for building a cognitive society.


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