Slap Politics: Should Arvind Kejriwal Offer His Other Cheek?

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

The recent slap on the cheek of Arvind Kejriwal by an Auto Driver sends two old loud messages. One message is why has new party AAP dumped  `Me & My dreams`. Here auto driver expectations are natural but the bleeding disjoint system cannot deliver speed justice.

Modi False Wave with well oiled RSS organisation is focusing blame on AAP-Arvind Kejriwal `lies to Public` who is available as punch bag rather than attacking the insulated old system which still hides the Corporate hand.

Second message says that Aambani-Adani Profit Nexus is  behind the tradition Governance system of BJP-Congress which uses a network of relatively honest organised team called RSS.

To understand Truth Behind slap politics we need need to understand the past direction of the anger from the Anna Movement where `short cut` were used but BJP-RSS were a part of Anna Movement.

Today RSS the `champions of Truth` is supporting the Modi Wave and dumped the anti-corruption agenda of AAP. It is evident that BJP-Shiva Sena-MNS nexus continue to beat the non Marathis job seekers and chase them out of Mumbai and even then the Media-Police-Politicians and Voters in Mumbai are silent.

Now BJP-Congress is protecting Adnani-Ambani Nexus and are not ready to make the change simple in favour of majority tax paying Indians.

AK-49 as designated powerful by Modi ji gets beaten up by people time and again. He does not have the power to make people happy immediately as the dreams fulfilment want fast results.

In Indian election history, Arvind Kejriwal is a campaigner who got inked+beaten+ attacked by Eggs and car windows smashed outside Delhi in Gujarat and Varanasi; highest number of times. Arvind Kejriwal claims it as Conspiracy of BJP-Congress nexus and has strong reasons as he is attacked even outside Delhi where he made no promises as Delhi CM.

Every time ordinary attacker is thrashed severely. Normally, police would arrest people from both sides in a public fight for beating each others.

AK claims, without naming, attackers are sent by political parties like congress or BJP. But police is silent on this issue after recording statement of attackers. Even media is also silent, apart from loud noise.

Do people not have right to know the truth?

With the acceptance of the old popular bollywood song Kolaveri Di, the slap market is upbeat. The Tamil word Kolaveri Di’s literal translation is Murderous Rage or Killer Rage. But the sense of the song as sung by the character is not that. It expresses the person who is dumped by a girl and now is drunk. Then he sings the song Why this Kolaveri di which means “Why did you do this to me” or “Why you dumped me”. Allow me take you back to my past published text of my  2011 year end articles on Slap Politics and Anna Movement which stands relevant even today.

One slap on the cheek of the honourable agricultural minister on 24th. Nov-2011 was captured by media and flashed again and again. Old-fashioned experts on the education system used this tool. They argued that the nervous system starts delivering more blood and oxygen to the brain. A slap-happy culture should now serve the Government`s hidden agenda of diverting attention from vital national issues. It forces people on the road to use slap politics as a way to “fire fight” their own anger. Where should the Aam admi go? To the CBI? Police perhaps? Getting killed in the process of fighting for justice is just one of the many heinous things happening to Whistle blowers today.

While forgiving the attack maker but shall we forget the disunited system ?

It is unfortunate that a section of media is giving a different political spin to this incidence. Slap politics as a solution is forced on the Common man with no choice. Slap-Happiness is a spontaneous `short cut` without a choice. Arvind Kejriwal has correctly forgiven the attackers calling them victims of the system. What Next ? Should Arvind Kejriwal offer his other cheek for the new slap ?

When a politician a strong minister is slapped, there is a debate in the Parliament and the Aam Admi is sent to jail. A village Sarpanch and leader of Punjab’s ruling Shiromani Akali Dal repeatedly slapped a lady teacher as on television for demanding a permanent contract and a job, at a function in Muktsar district in Punjab. As usual, police present at the spot refused to act. Parliament also closed its eyes and ears on this issue.

Unequal social and economical justice is another reason for people getting angry and losing their dignity by showing  low tolerance levels. To change the situation and to see that such stories do not not break every minute we need to understand as to why there there is no limit for rich. Unlike BPL,a line which helps gauge poor and levels of poverty. There is no line to limit or to count the wealth of filthy rich.As per the media reports Lali the auto driver took Rs.500/- took a loan to repair his house and was often a borrower of money.AAP conspiracy theory becomes effective here as the attacker plan in advance knew that there will be a risk of supporter anger in the Road Show.

Only constructive participation of people, more jobs and effective laws with speed justice can stop slap politics. Till then the Government must close down the Bata, Action and other Shoe & hawai chappal making companies to overcome this challenge. For newer ways to stop slap politics ? Can the politicians and media suggest a safer route?

With politicians getting charged up with the “slap” theory it appears that soon public meetings  and Road shows shall get converted into open jails with hand cuffs to be put in common man wrists. Can this prevent the slap and its unending repercussions? What about MPs and MLAs behaviour in Parliament ? Noise and anarchy in full public gaze continues. Chairs, mike, paper weight,black pepper spray, money bundles & shoe  throwing with abuses in Parliament and Vidhan Sabha is often seen . Can we tie the hands here misusing public money and time ? Discipline must start at the bottom and maintained at the top.

Indians outside Delhi has globally championed Hunger and Farmer Suicides. Bad Governance = Globalisation of 1% without justified rules. Parliamentarian Nexus with fake hidden masters like Ambani-Adani continue to be the worst enemy of 99% people with no time management and no sensible law delivery in time. It fails to help bring more people to in the correct Economics. How shall it help in correcting law making process ? Law enforcing institutions like Police, CBI and Judiciary follow the orders of Parliamentarians. All these institutions need reforms. Parliament work needs a reform to ensure democracy and a correct chain of survival. If a politician is slapped then Privilege Motion taken by Parliament for combating protest is amazing. The person is put in jail. However when a common man is slapped then leaders fail to act. Police, Parliament, Politicians and judiciary all pop up excuses. Hope the post election India 2014-15 witnesses New accountable India free from Slap. Slap and pain are inseparable. After all, before birth of a new guest labour pain and bleeding is absolutely normal.


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