Early Morning Fire at Pune Police Commissioner’s Office

Eight servers and computers reduced to complete ash

BeyondHeadlines Correspondent

PUNE: A major fire broke out inside Pune Police Commissionerate’s electronic telephone exchange room located on the first floor of the building on Saturday morning. The fire which began around 8.34 am destroyed as many as eight computers and an equal number of servers, two printers, two wireless sets and ceiling fan within a span of few minutes. According to the central fire brigade officials, the total damage has been estimated to be Rs 8 lakh and the cause of the fire being short circuit.

Central Fire Brigade Station Fire Officer Sunil Gilbile who rushed to the site said that one fire tender was pressed into action to control the raging flames. “The room is situated at a critical location and was locked from outside. We broke the glass windows and inserted fog sprinklers to douse the flames. The fog sytem was used to protect sensitive data which otherwise might have been lost forever. The fire was brought under control within twenty minutes,” he said.

Gilbile further explained that special instructions were issued to his men avoid the common usage of jet spray as it would have destroyed the data completely. “We have kept special attention on the safety aspect of data and did not want it to get corrupted. We managed to save a lot of sensitive data except that was stored in the eight servers,” he added.

The room where the fire took place is located between the secretive special cell and Prosecution and Surveillance Wing of the Special Branch, which looks after the internal security of the city. The area is banned for visitors and only screened visitors are allowed inside the passage which leads to these three offices.


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