Resignation Letter of A Female News Anchor


From the past few weeks, my work, integrity, intentions, dedication, sincerity, seriousness, attitude, approach, all were doubted, questioned and interrogated. My work was looked down upon and was considered inadequate and insufficient just because I choose not to please and appease some (perhaps one).

Though I tried all my best, worked full throttle, fired on all cylinders, worked overtime, uninterrupted ….Never questioned, never complained, never mourned, never grudged, yet I couldn’t please him.

May be my work wasn’t up to your taste and quality but I was never informed and questioned.

My conscience, morality, ethics and sense of responsibility wanted me to quit but I did not. Like an adamant, stubborn child I did not. I thought I will atleast get a response.

There could be people, who in spite of many a treatment, have to work, because they have no other option. They might be killing their conscience, for their kids, their ailing mothers, their retired fathers, their wives, husbands … a zillion reasons. I respect them from the core of my heart … for they have been sacrificing their conscience for their people.

But for me, I think it’s a high time now. I have been lowering my saturation point, my break even point for long, now I won’t be able to survive, strive and thrive at least in this organisation.

I tried to clear the air, clean the air many a times, because I think communication is the best way out to any problem. One should talk things over to clear the matter. But all went in vain. Perhaps it was destined to be so.

If my work and way of working aren’t able to appease you all, I have no right to stay back.

When I joined this organisation As an Anchor and Producer, I had dreams and a sense of responsibility. But Now when I am leaving, I am shattered and sad, but not broken. The bad people can take your peace away, but not your abilities to fight the difficult circumstances.

I thought a lot about whether I should write this email or not or will it serve any purpose at all? I am writing this email in a belief that at least people will understand that a problem exists in this system. The problem of bad people with bad intentions. Who have no professionalism at all but waste their energies in planning and plotting against the hard working junior employees. Perhaps female employees.

I want to warn all of you about one Ritesh Lakhi, the Editor in chief of focus Haryana. He must be thankful that I choose to write an email, when he deserved slaps in his face.

I am not commenting on his public behavior or character. My comment is solely about his behavior towards me. He was hostile to me only because I choose to make a professional distance from him.

I always wondered why do I need to be close to an editor or does it had anything to do with the professional duties assigned to me?

After election results I was removed from anchoring roaster without given any reason or feedback about my work.

Not only this, I was shifted to monitoring (CMC) department despite the fact that I was not trained to do such duties. I had been an Anchor and Producer for almost five years.

I wondered how can an organisation do this to an employee just because of will of some ill minded editor.

And I was shocked because in Almost eighteen months, I was here I was not given any feedback about my work or given any sort of notice.

When in my previous email to the HR department, I asked about reasons of such behavior no reply was given.

How can HR department choose not to reply, when their sole duty is to reply to concerns of employees?

His behavior towards me and response of organisation amounted to harassment and must have invited legal Action. But I am not pressing legal charges against him, because if I do so, that will ultimately end up hurting some women perhaps his wife and children.

So in all my consciousness, I have decided to go by writing this email and Had resigned from the post of anchor and Producer, in a hope that things will improve now. In a hope that this will not be repeated with any employee again. When you remove people from duties at least have courtesy to give reasons. Don’t remove them just because they did meet your personal intentions. I pray that people of your choice might come and things will start to sail smoothly.

I, from the bottom of my heart, Thank one and all, from the Top Brass in hierarchy to the house keeping staff for making things smooth for me, in one way or the other.Thanks to the Cabbies for making my journey smooth. Thanks to the Cafeteria, for serving me with lovely food, for taking care of my thirst and hunger in the best possible way … Thanks to the House Keeping staff for getting water, coffee for us.

I thank Focus TV, for blessing me with an opportunity to work with many talented people. I thank Focus TV, for blessing me with some great good friends.

Thanks for being with me for so long. Thanks for taking my services. I wish all in Focus TV, from Channel Head to the lowest in hierarchy, very best in life. May God bless you all with Happiness, Joy, Success, Peace, Prosperity, Love, Support, Cooperation, Wisdom and Contentment. May the Channel prosper and scale to new heights and set great and good standards of employee satisfaction and great performance.

God bless you all.
Lots of love, best wishes and genuine regards—

Note: We have received this resignation letter by Email. We are withholding the identity of the News Anchor to protect her from further harassment.


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