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Corruption & Theft…

Prof. Kamal Chenoy

Public perceptions of politicians are of a few honest, straightforward pro-people in a sea of the corrupt. But most politicians are seen as self-serving, money making, people with little interest in public affairs. Most recently Giriraj Singh, MP who vowed to send Modi critics to Pakistan, claimed that Rs. 50,000 was stolen from his home in Patna. But the alleged burglar, Dinesh Kumar was caught with a suitcase with Rs. 1.14 crore in cash, $600, a lot of jewellery, and seven luxury watches, by the police, all of which stolen from Singh’s home on Boring Road in west Patna.

It would be scarcely surprising if the BJP puts pressure on the police to cover up this theft, a consequence of illicit activities, to save Singh. But the public image of legislators will diminish further. Perhaps Singh may learn from Pakistani politicians about such matters, since his statements on sending critics of Modi to Pakistan may have more relevance than he thinks.

(Kamal Chenoy is a Professor at SIS, JNU. This article is reproduced from his facebook post.)


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