Poor Man From Bihar Suffering From Liver Failure, Has No Money for Transplantation

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New Delhi: Mother and wife of Nayaz Ahmed do not know who else to approach as they have knocked almost all doors, with very little success so far. 34 year old Nayaz, who is from Bihar’s Siwan district, came for treatment to Delhi as doctors in Bihar and Lucknow expressed their helplessness.

Nayaz Ahmed at the ILBS Hospital in Delhi.

Nayaz Ahmed at the ILBS Hospital in Delhi.

Doctors at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) in Delhi have advised for a Liver transplant, the cost of which would come to around 14 lakh rupees.  The helpless family members are in despair as they do not know from where they will manage such a large amount.

Nayaz’ father had long expired and he served as anchor to the family. After years of hard-work, in 2012, he had got a job in Saudi Arabia and the family members were hopeful that the days of their misery are now numbered.

But as he went for required medical checkup before applying for the Visa, he was diagnosed with hepatitis B. He has been undergoing treatment since then and the family is now left with little money or resources to even think about the transplantation.

Dr. Rakhi Maiwall of ILBS has said that Nayaz’ situation is critical and he needs operation as soon as possible. He has already been admitted at the hospital for the transplantation.

BeyondHeadlines appeals to its readers to come forward and benevolently help a poor man regain his health in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

You can directly transfer money to the Account of the Hospital.  Click here to make the Online Payment  or use the details given below:

Information required:  Name of patient: Nayaz Ahmed, Gender- Male, Age-34 years, UHID-63188

But if you are sending money to the Hospital account, don’t forget to mention the UH ID – 63188 at the time of transferring money and also forward the Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number along with UHID -63188 to and CC it to (Do not forget to send the mail else money may not be traced back.)

You can also send money through ‘INSAAN International Foundation,’ which is trying to raise money to help the needy patient.

Bank Details:


Account Number: 608210110006526

IFSC Code:  BKID0006082


Estimate of expenses given by the Hospital

Estimate of expenses given by the Hospital



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