Why Azam Khan Does Nothing for Muslims?

In an open letter to UP minister Azam Khan, a Bengaluru resident asks Mr. Khan as to why he only complains about problems of Muslims and does nothing especially when you can. Reproduced below is the letter for BH readers. – Editor

Mr. Mohd. Azam Khan
Cabinet Minister U.P. Government

Sub:- Why you only complain about problems of Muslims but do nothing especially when you can?

Dear Sir

I would rather prefer that I tell you and discuss all these in a personal meeting. I am constrained to write this open letter because I don’t have your personal email ID and believe that the recipients of this email will see to it that it reaches you.

Today I watched you on TV where you were saying that Indian Muslims are facing horrible problems because the Ruler (Badshah, which means PM Modi) of India wants Indian Muslims to be in such pathetic condition, hence nothing can be done. This saddened and angered me beyond words for the simple reason that anyone who knows anything about Islam cannot believe that the followers (if they are) of Prophet Muhammad can reach to such demoralized state of life.

More than anyone else, you know that if there is one leader who can command the confidence of ~ 200 million Muslims of India and at the same time perceived by ~ 1,000 million Hindus to be serious about socio-economic progress of India and is secular which means who practices his / her religion with faith and commitment and is so magnanimous that he / she similarly respects other’s religion too – then it will take no time to address all those problem of Indian Muslims (which you mentioned / meant in said TV statement)

No need to mention that given your background you can easily be such leader from Muslim community provided you choose to act rather than to merely complain and sulk about problems of Muslims and instead take up some all India level political programs (which you can easily do) by championing three martial subjects namely military (including foreign affairs), secularism and capital, as mentioned below:-

(1)- From your State of UP also, Jawans were killed by Pak at LOC / border in J&K due to chronic Kashmir problem. It is a matter of common sense that without unification of J&K there is no Kashmir solution. Pakistan tried militarily to do it in 1947,1948,1965, 1971 through Kargil etc but failed because Pak is much smaller in size & resources than India. Hindu majority so-called secular India is simply not interested in shedding its blood and laying down lives for retrieving Muslim POK (had POK been Hindu majority region like Goa, India would have taken it long back).

(2)- But as a blessing in disguise or may be out of fluke Government of India (GOI) under PM Modi has taken a stand while cancelling Aug, 25 Indo – Pak Foreign Secretaries talks. This stand is based on ‘territorial integrity’ of India and it should gladden your heart and of every such person who wants retrieve of POK (without which ‘territorial integrity of India’ has no meaning). Therefore you should call the bluff (which increasingly it seems) of Modi government by publicly demanding that when will Indian military take-on Pak military for retrieving POK instead of showing its ‘bravery’ by training its guns on civilians (mostly Muslims) of J&K with AFSPA etc. You should further demand and even agitate to constrain Modi to declare the plans of GOI for retrieving POK (Including talks with Pakistan for retrieving POK and not usual sterile talks which were carried out earlier and presently was cancelled). You should also demand that Article 370 of the Constitution should be abolished after staring CREDIBLE process of retrieving POK.

(3)- Here you need not be deterred by hackneyed excuse that both India and Pak have nukes hence how can India now take POK militarily. This nuke business is white man’s burden (who have granted divine right to some countries to have nukes without caring for its ramifications) and they will take care of it. Therefore India need not worry about it because who knows – it may even usher into ‘Federal Secular Democratic SAARC’ (FSDSAARC, after-all the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written and it is overdue that communal forces both in India and Pak are relegated to their proper place). It should especially be welcome to Indian Muslims because it will make Muslims ~ 650 millions in FSDSAARC to 1,000 Hindus and which will practically eliminate any chance of injustice to Muslims due to huge majority of Hindus in India [it will be supported by Hindutva elements also, because it will fulfill their cherished dream of ‘Akhand Bharat’ (Integrated India)]

(4)- You should become voice of ~ 200 million harassed Indian Muslims through secular approach, especially through Ram Mandir issue. You must be knowing that when a community is sought to be trampled upon, then first its religion is trampled upon. BJP’s Subramanian Swamy in a letter to PM Modi has asked for the construction of Ram Temple (a commitment of BJP through its election manifesto) and this is likely to cause huge bloodshed and riots in your State of U.P. too, if this matter is not addressed properly. Therefore you should publicly ask Muslims ( especially title holder of Babri Mosque) to move Supreme Court of India (SCI) for restoring status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 in presence of Supreme Court Observer. Anybody who knows anything about law knows that SCI is under legal obligation to do it because otherwise it will be criminal contempt (for lowering the authority of Court) under section 2 C (i) read with section 16 of Contempt of Court Act. Of-course if Hindus want then they can construct the temple through law made by Parliament. But then Muslims will have satisfaction that they did not allow construction (at the site, where Babri Masjid was high-handedly demolished) of Ram Temple out of cowardice (which more than any other religion, Islam hardly expects from its adherents)

(5)- Once you thus assume national stature through secularism, you should start all India level movement (taking lead from UP, where your government can show the way) for protecting the interests of especially weaker sections of India by restoring the sanctity of capital (especially State-capital) by demanding to deploy it (like private capital) profitably in Public Programs and Undertakings including in job guarantee programs (and not merely creating assets through MNREGA), which will benefit Muslims the most.

(6)- With such formidable national stature through secularism and socialism (mixed economy / joint – capitalism), you should play a constructive role at international level especially in fighting the menace of ISIS phenomenon (which is influencing Indian Muslims too), where while protecting the human rights of all, you will be able to work for getting justice to beleaguered Sunni Muslims in NAME. Especially in view that this was the objective ISIS initially tried to achieve, but later went astray in unnecessary bloodshed and war crimes and which is creating likelihood that all others (USA & its European Allies, Russia, Iran, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc) may join hands to eliminate ISIS without getting justice to Sunnis (85 % of Muslims world over) in NAME region (which is extremely important to India, as it provides most of oil, huge employment, other trade etc to India).

It is hoped that if you believe you ever benefited from Islam then you will try seriously to ameliorate the condition of Muslims (first in India).

Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Bengaluru, India.

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