Let me Live…

Rohinee Biswal    

Rohinee Biswal

Rohinee Biswal

Often in stilly nights,

When no one is beside me,

Stubborn memory comes alive,

When no one is around me.

Remember the days when no one was dear to me,

Only pains and tears found near to me,

When with school mates together…together,

Which was not as soft as Dove’s feather…

Killed my sentiment and thought,

Which were no less than wrought…

When teacher made me stand alone, out in vain,

Where all my hopes were in pain,

Only because I did not read,

The chapter he lead…

I felt, Oh! What a race,

Which every student has to face,

If secured ninety nine percent then good,

Or be out without food…

Not only teachers did this,

Parents also wish,

Bring to us fame,

Or don’t show your face in shame…

I tried a lot to reach my goal,

And in vain cried my soul,

In pain said, why? Why??

My marks are not so high!

Good memories are most rotten,

Bad memories not well forgotten,

Oh! God, either let me live and lie,

Or let me die…

Today when I have reached,

Which I fetched,

But still continues the murmur,

‘Do well or do not show me your face’

Oh! God, Is my life only made for these competition,

Or should I lead an open life in your creation,

Either let me live and lie

Or let me die…


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