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SIO Announces Children Festival in Hyderabad

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) announces Children’s Festival in Hyderabad for children to encourage them to display their various talents. The festival will also try to inculcate and improve moral values in children and to highlight sense of creativity in them.

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SIO believes that children should be given ample opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities help students to learn time management and prioritizing skills, getting involved in diverse interests. These activities also help students and kids to raise their self esteem, build their solid relationship skills. Through extracurricular activities they also learn making contributions for each other.

After the grand success of Hyderabad Students Festival 2013 organized by Hyderabad chapter of SIO last year, this organization has decided to organize grand children’s festival 2014. The festival will be organized among the school students and then at the inter school level. This festival will be culminating on a grand ceremony on 2nd Dec with the felicitation of the winners and best performers. The programs in Children’s Festival 2014 will try to inculcate and improve moral values in children and to highlight sense of creativity in them.

Children’s Festival will include four types of programs which will include Competitions, Cultural programs, Exhibition and short-educative film screening. Initially the units are organizing competitions within the schools and selecting better participants there. Once these competitions are completed in all schools in the unit, the selected participants will have to compete in second level of same competitions on 2nd Dec. The final awards for each competition will be given on 2nd Dec 2014. The different competitions that are to be held at schools in first level and then at the final awards day on second level are below:

  1. Painting
  2. Quiz
  3. Poem writing
  4. Dramas
  5. Collage making
  6. Short Videos
  7. Just-a-minute extempore
  8. Model making on themes
  9. Model making with waste/discarded materials
  10. Indoor games
  11. Debates
  12. Story writing
  13. Mono-Acts
  14. Outdoor games

The festival will also organize Social Fair on the day of the final event which will be based on these themes, Helping the Needy, Traffic Awareness and Save Environment. Students will be presenting their models on the above topic.

Venue of the program will be Indira Priyadarshini Halls, Public Garden on 2nd Dec 2014 at 6PM onwards.

SIO appeals the school management and parents alike to encourage their children to actively participate in Children’s Festival. The details of the festival can be had from 9849447683, 9985185989, 9866569648.


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