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Form Hindu-Muslim Ekta Committees, Teesta Advises in Meerut

Hatred is being sold nowadays and love is being crushed. We are ashamed of those people who are sitting on the high positions in the government. – Teesta Setalvad

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At a time when “hatred is being sold”, a group of concerned people organized ‘Hindu-Muslim Unity Conference’ at Nauchandi Ground in Meerat on 15 December. A large number of students from Meerut University attended the conference, in addition to numerous locals.

Although this is true that the communal and fascist elements killed Mahatma Gandhi but they could not kill/ suppress his ideology. The irony is that there is great difference between the sayings and the doings of our political leaders. Whatever they utter they don’t follow that. These were views expressed by Acharya Promod Krishanam of Kalki Peetheshwaram in the conference.

Sitting on dias, Prof. Shakeel Samdani, Adv. Teesta Setalwad, ML Tauquir Raza and otherThose people who are good actors are in command of the nation. They are unable to understand the sufferings of oppressed classes. He further said that Islam is not the religion of mercilessness or cruelty but it is the religion of peace, tolerance and large heartedness.

Chief Guest of the conference and renowned social activist, Teesta Setalvad said that hatred is being sold nowadays and love is being crushed. We are ashamed of those people who are sitting on the high positions in the government. Their place is not in the cabinet but somewhere else. She advised the audience to form Hindu-Muslim Ekta Committees from village up to district level. Only symposiums and seminars cannot contain the menace. We will have to come in the field and do some work on the ground.

She further said that the corporate terrorism is also spreading very fast in our country. We will have to fight that also. Expressing her views about the distortion of history she opined that the history is being distorted and the contribution of Muslims is being deleted from the history books. She further said that the country was liberated by Hindus and Muslims jointly. Now the time has come to reunite both the communities.

Prof. Shakeel Samdani speakingPresident, Sir Syed Awareness Forum and renowned faculty of Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. Shakeel Samdani said that our political leaders are befooling the Muslim masses by making false promises.  They have been serving their interests by exploiting the sentiments of the Muslims. That’s why the Muslims must beware of these corrupt, insensitive and selfish leaders.

About the history of Meerut he said that the people of Meerut have sacrificed a lot for the independence of the country and the convention on Hindu-Muslim Unity is the best example of mutual love and trust of both the communities. Expressing his views about Indian media he said that barring a few channels and some newspapers over whelming majority of the media is not following the policy of neutrality and they are projecting negative image of the Muslims.

In the last, he advised the audience to try their best to avoid communal issues and do not fall prey to the false propaganda. The best way to reduce communalism and hatred is to attend the religious festivals of both the communities and increase social and cultural interactions.

Maulana Tauqir Raza, President, Ittehad-E-Millat Council said that the time has come to unite the secular forces and support the real secular parties. We need people like Teesta Setalvad, Acharya Promod Krishnam and Prof. Shakeel Samdani who have started a movement for unity from Meerut-the land of revolutionaries.

Youth activist from Aligarh, Abdullah Samdani said that Muslims are crying and making noise for forceful conversion in Agra but they have forgotten the fact that had they provided BPL and Adhar card and solved their social and economic problems perhaps they would not have been in the trap of communal forces. He requested the people to devote some time for social work.

Maulana Qari Shafiqur Rehman Qasmi presided over the program. Dr. Aslam Jamshedpuri, Parabhat Kumar Rai, IAS (Rtd) and student leader Love Kasana of Meerut University also spoke on this occasion. Mateen Tyagi welcomed the guests and Dr. Jarrar Rizvi proposed vote of thanks. In the last the important guests were honoured by Yuvjan Ekta Samiti.

The important feature of the program was that a large number of students from Meerut University attended the conference.

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