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‘Make in India’: Inviting Next East India Company?

Is Modi government at the right track? He must understand that whether they will really invest here and create employment in the country? Or we are inviting the next East India Company?

Firdaus Jahan for BeyondHeadlines

Achhe din aane wale hain…” This is the slogan Mr. Modi used during Lok Sabha election campaign for getting majority of votes. He spellbound innocent India with his themes “Development” or “Make in India”. He showed them Gujarat model to convince them to believe him. People voted him on it.

Although it’s said that the media was bias in Gujarat, as it showed only industrial areas at the limelight and eluded the reality of poor and needy people at the screen. Well, BJP government tried many times to conceal the fact but it’s never hidden. PM Modi would have revealed all expenses of his rallies and foreign visits had he been honest. But he never does it.

He argues about black money and corruption for making India better, but both the matters are still pending, for which people are waiting impatiently with the hope that it may be solved in the Modi government. The expectations may not come true as most of the candidates of the BJP have felonious records. And BJP’s theme of “Development” is also stagnant due to their intention of communalism and Hindu Rashtra.

The farmers and common people couldn’t experience of “development” instead of having Modi government. Even there is no decrease in farmer suicides. In fact Gujarat is at the second position in farmer’s suicide after Maharashtra. A hard bitter fact and proof of development of the Modi government.

Besides, Mr. Modi claimed in his manifesto about the minimization of black money, price stabilization, eliminating corruption, ensure fiscal autonomy, increasing GDP, employment etc. But in fact everything is against the expectations of the people.

The previous high GDP growth rate was recorded at 6% in Oct-Dec Quarter of 2011-12. But with no major new legislation to encourage industry, growth is expected to have fallen to 5.1% in July-Sept 2014 quarter, according to the Reuters poll.

In September, credit growth hit a 13 year low. It’s unbelievable in the Modi government that economy has negative effect with 6.3%, total production of the country in Modi’s period. But the UPA government had the same thing at 8%, a much difference.

The Modi government increased excise duty at 2%, prices of basic needs like onion, vegetables, pulses etc. touched the high rates having predominance of agriculture in the country. Then the main thing is that, the crude oil prices reached to 6-year lowest rate since 2009 at 45.50 Dollar per Barrel from 110 Dollar in the international market. But petrol prices are not much comfortable for the people. It has highest rate than other countries. Why this is so? Although all the prices of goods, transportation, foods etc. must be low due to crude oil impact. But Modi government is not ready to do that.

He knows better that market orientation is needed for eliminating economic backwardness, market imperfection, vicious circle of poverty, price rise & fluctuations, major shortcomings etc. Therefore Modi government organized Vibrant Gujarat Summit rolling out red carpet to investors with the aim of eventually boosting jobs for “Make in India”. But RTI revealed that only 20% people of the world will invest here, which is lower than the target of 50%.

Besides, if they invest in the country, then do we get fixed in those criteria? Because we have the biggest problem of transportation, skilled labors & laws etc. Basically we are not independent in energy. Then if have machineries then there is always problem of skilled labors. Or everyone knows that labor laws are very strict in our country. Then we will have to change the labor laws. If this is so, the right of the common people will be snatched, which is unjust. While the small scale industries and employments will be badly affected by this project. Then how will it be “Make in India”?

Is Modi government at the right track? He must understand that whether they will really invest here and create employment in the country? Or we are inviting the next East India Company? Finally his associate party Shiv Sena is also waiting for “Achhe Din”.



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