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PK Side Effect – Reel to Real Life

Change is inevitable. It is amazing to self analyze that we feel weak to rebel against Religion Shops. An alien in PK incidentally teaches us with an ease only heard of Gandhi.

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

Untitled02Do you think this pillion riding on the motorcycle dressed as ‘Lord Shiva’ during elections is anti-Hinduism? Are we angry and offended?

Such media images along with Har Har Modi chant of last Lok Sabha election had resulted in landslide victory for Modi as his brigade offered full support. Package of Modi win also included a catchy slogan ‘Sab ka Sath Sab ka Vikas’ with focus on participation of all & development of all.

Untitled-1Bollywood film PK shows an imposter dressed in Lord Shiva attire. ‘Lord Shiva’ is unable to fulfil the query of his honest follower PK-Aamir Khan who wants the God to help him search his stolen remote.

‘Lord Shiva’ dummy runs and is shown in a fear pulling a cycle Rickshaw followed by his ‘Bhakt’-devotee. The humour in this pun of a 2 hr. 24 mins. reel life shows it is simple, educative and is not anti-religion.

Real Life Religions are never so weak. Modi Team objection and excuse of violent protest is that Lord Shiva pulling running away is making fun of Hinduism. All these protesters honestly admit that they have not seen the film but have heard about it.

Many who have watched the film PK put it as an educative corruption free fantasy which dares to put competing religions as profitable companies. Such Movey lovers recollect their fun childhood -growing up searching Real Hinduism and enjoying Religious movies of Late Dara Singh the Wrester cum Actor.

Untitled03Thanks to Modi Team for selective protest more in BJP controlled states and silence on PK and ‘Ghar Wapse’. No development and No jobs is the current score card of Modi Sarkar. ‘Sab Ka Sath’-participation of all is improving via skills of individuals. Sab Ka Vikas Development of All is weak, selective, limited to few crony corporate.

From Election Commission to censor board the system has effective judgemental governance bodies. Problem lies with weak and compromising stand of the rulers. For the Box Office success it is the hard earned money of the participatory ‘ticket’ voter whether to watch or to reject a film.

People of India as losers are shamelessly reduced as ‘blind’ followers not fit enough to be informed as to why the Modi Sarkar’s Censor Board had passed PK when the Cinema Theatres are under threat stop the show.

Majority who have seen this film are jubilant about their ‘Paissa Vassol’ entertainment cum education to fight the shops of religion and to search fair links to honest religion. Those who are violent and are protesting outside theatres are requested to ‘vote ticket’ for the next show and then exercise street judgement for betterment of all.

Real silent users of Hinduism and other religions must reboot their controls on Rulers as ‘Nagar Sevaks’ to grow up and keep away from being judges on their behalf. Change is inevitable. It is amazing to self analyse that we feel weak to rebel against Religion Shops. An Alien in PK incidentally teaches us with an ease only heard of Gandhi. Equality, love, peace and humanity are never felt so simple and so essential before.

PK appears to break all old global records of a path breaking educative film.

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