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Mumbai: Amid the controversial ‘Gharwapsi’ programme and clamor for anti conversion debate Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra chapter launched a campaign Islam for all on Saturday in Mumbai.

Explaining the objective of the campaign Engineer Taufiq Aslam Khan said, “Hum man parivartan chahte hain dharm parivartan nahi” (We like to win hearts of our countrymen and not the conversion).

The problems like female feticide, corruption, Terrorism, sexual harassment, inequality and farmer’s suicide will be addressed. “We like to present the solutions of the problem our state and country is facing in the light of the teaching of Islam” Mr. Khan.

Keeping pace with the times, three free android mobile applications in multiple vernacular languages- Qur’an for All, Islam for All and Muhammad for All were also launched by the Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Mohammed Jafar on the occasion to acquaint our fellow countrymen with the beautiful message of Islam.

Mr. Arun Gadve Patil shared his thoughts on women’s status in Islam. Mr. Patil, a former President of Maratha Seva Sangh said that he was deeply inspired with the holistic guidance offered in the Qur’an for a morally upright life and earnestly appealed to the Muslims to spread its message to one and all. He emphasized that just as Islam was successful in purging Arab society from all its social evils 1400 years back, so also Islam is the only solution to all our problems today, provided it is implemented in letter and spirit.

Similarly, Prof. B. M. Herdekar from Shivaji University, Kolhapur had all praise for Prophet Muhammad and his anti-apartheid policies. He said that the rights in Islam has enshrined in favour of all human beings and women in particular need to be conveyed to the world so that plausible solutions to our social concerns can be delivered.

Explaining the content of the mobile apps, Shaikh Mateen, General Secretary of the State said, “Quran for All apps contains the translation of the Holy Quran in Marathi and will be updated in other Indian Languages. Likewise Muhammad for All is the app that depicts the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Marathi and will be updated in other Indian Languages.

“We produced short videos, digital stickers, books pamphlets and are using short fiction films based explaining the solutions of the problems”, said Mohammed Samee, the Convenor of the campaign.

Islam for all, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maharashtra, launched, on Saturday, 10 days state wide Dawah Campaign in Mumbai. With the target of  3 crore people through, Jamaat planned 7 caravans that will reach every nook and corner of the state with the massive use of social networking like whatsapp, facebook, twitter.

The campaign has the support of Muslim Religous leaders of all the sects and non-muslims Scholars and activists like Ram Puniyani, B.M. Hirdekar, Arun Gadve Patil.


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