The 63rdAnnual Armed Forces Medical Conference focusing on Armed Forces Centric Medical research

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The 63rdAnnual Armed Forces Medical Conference,including the 53rdArmed Forces Medical Research Committee (AFMRC) meeting is organized at Armed Forces Medical College from 03 to 06 Feb 2015 at 2015 at Pune. And Surg Vice Admiral Sushil Kumar, AVSM, NM, VSM, Director and Commandant supervised the conference. It’s the country’s largest gathering of military medical personnel.

It provides a single platform to all specialties in medical science to discuss professional issues. And the special attention of AFRMC is highlighting research related to health care issues. The conference will be inaugurated on 04 Feb. 2015 by Director General, Armed Forces Medical Services and academic excellence award will be presented on 03 Feb. 2015cto the personnel of Armed Forces Medical Services followed by award winning AFMRC projects. It will also provide quality of care in health all over the country with abroad. The AFMRC projects include ‘A study on rapid induction via Manali-Leh road’, ‘A Comparative study of Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable suture anchor in Arthroscopic  Repair’, ‘Flow Cytometric Diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma using Fine Needle Aspiration and Fresh Tissue Biopsy material’, ‘A Cross Sectional Study to find out the Prevalence of Anemia in Non-Pregnant Females of Serving Armed Forces Personnel in a Military Station’ and ‘Comparative Evaluation of Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of Surface Modified Nickel Titanium Orthodontic Arch Wires’.

Next sessions will include the meeting of the Armed Forces Medical Academic Committee, AFMC Management Committee, MJAFI Governing Council and Governing Council of AFMS (O) Fund.Then 53rd AFMRC will meet to consider 104 new research proposals on 04 and 05 Feb. 2015. A principal area of attention will be research in High Altitude Medicine. One ongoing AFMRC study which is being carried out by Maj Gen Velu Nair, AVSM, VSM and Bar in collaboration with DIPAS, New Delhi is aimed at defining the epidemiology of venous thrombosis ( clotting of blood inside blood vessels) in high altitude and identifying factors that lead to it. This study will form the basis for future studies aimed at defining interventions which may be made to prevent cases of thrombosis amongst troops. Thrombosis occurs at high altitude in health young soldiers commonly in the brain, lungs and other unusual sites in the body.

Presentation of award winning research papers published during 2014 will be on 05 Feb. 2015. Then On 06 Feb 2015, Specialists Conferences will be held separately by Departments of AFMC for practicing specialist officers of their respective disciplines.

The first AFMRC was organized in 1953. Over the years the conference has gradually expanded in scope to become a forum for planning, evaluation and implementation not only of research but also innovations in health care. While the principal focus of research is related to the requirements of the Armed Forces, the results achieved are made available to all health care professionals.

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