The Frozen House…

A twelve year old girl named Sharin has sent us her story from UAE to be published on BeyondHeadlines. Since at times its also about not breaking those little hearts… So here we are sharing her story named ‘The Frozen House’, written by Madam Sharin.

James asked finally after getting tired of his search “where on earth is Charles?”It had been a long and boring week for Amber and her friends. The summer vacations were on and they had nothing to do at all. Amber was sitting on the sofa with Sofia, talking about ways to spend the vacations, already one whole week passed without any adventure. And James was trying to search any video game that they could play as they have already played them so many times. The three were sitting in a small tree house arranged as a club for them that they made when they first became friends. They also had one more friend named Charles who went out for some important work, no one knew what was so important that he did not tell his own friends.

“Yes you are right, he has been out for like hours.” Amber added.

Sofia got excited and said “maybe he finally got something really exciting for us, so that we can pass our time.”

Suddenly Charles entered from the tree-house door. He looked exhausted rather than being excited. He was huffing and puffing. Finally when he caught hold of his breath, a huge smile spread on his face, but before he could say anything Amber interrupted saying,  “Oh finally here you are, what took you so long and what did you bring for us?”

Charles blurted everything out “when I was walking down the street I saw a new video game shop named “magic games” I went in there although I had no money with me and I saw really awesome video game CD’s but I could not buy them as I didn’t have any money but I still picked up a CD that read “THE FROZEN PALACE” it looked very interesting to me. I took it to the shopkeeper who looked very elderly and kind, I asked him what is the  price of the CD, then the kind shopkeeper replied that as I have come there the first time so the CD is free, I was so happy that I came running all the way here to tell you all this.”

“Oh then what are we waiting for, let’s go to my house and play it”, said James excitedly.

The four went to James’s house and James along with Charles started setting up the game, and the girls, Amber and Sofia cleaned up the place a little so that they can play freely.

Sofia suggested “before starting I think that we must read the instructions and also the paper that defines about the game.”

“You are right” said Charles.

James read out about the game loudly so that everyone could hear “this game is about a palace that was enchanted by an evil magician. Before it was a lively palace with all the greenery, birds, animals and fountains of clear water and so on…… but the magician enchanted it and froze everything because he did not like anyone or anything being happy.”

“This game is really very exciting” said Charles.

“Now I will read the instructions” said Amber as she took the paper from James’s hand “this game  has five levels you have to finish them all to return to your home and also break the enchantment of the palace, each level will be harder than the earlier one and you will get even more cool and advanced weapon.”

“I understood everything but not the part where it says, return to home because we are not going anywhere” said Sofia confusingly.

“Forget about it let’s start the game” said James.

Finally they started the player, but something went wrong. Suddenly the room turned all dark and a big white hole appeared in front of them. And then a strange voice came from nowhere

“Welcome to the world of THE FROZEN PALACE.”

They all were very scared and couldn’t understand what should they do.

Then Charles said “now I see why the instructions said back to home.”

“What do we do now, should we go in?” asked Amber who looking scared.

“Obviously” said James looking really excited.

They talked for a while and then finally decided to go in. when they went inside they saw that everything was made up of ice crystal the birds, animals, trees, plants, and even water, everything was frozen.

“This place is just as described by the paper that came along with this CD” Sofia said.

“I am feeling very cold” said Amber.

“Come on Amber it is a place made up of ice.” James replied bluntly.

(They all walked forward and suddenly…)

“Whoa, that is really very, very huge and icy cold palace”, Amber said gazing at the frozen palace with complete amazement. The four brave friends stepped in the palace with a lot of courage in their hearts. And then again the same strange voice came.

“Here your first level will start you have to fight ice monsters to pass this level.”

And then they transformed. They wore pretty and warm suits perfect for cold weather and also they got some really amazing weapons to fight with.

And then the game began, they were attacked with really powerful ice monsters but they fought and fought and those monsters were finally defeated.

“That was awesome” said Sofia jumping in excitement.

“I can’t believe that we did it” Amber said.

“I wonder what will come next” added James.

The strange voice spoke again, “In the second level you will have to fight even more powerful monsters so you are being given even more advanced weapons.”

“Let’s do It!!” Charles said.

Soon they finished off the second level as well.

“This is really awesome”, the four said in a chorus.

And again the strange voice said “this level is different from the first two, in this level you will have to find four different magical things one is a shining ice crown, the second one is a small ice ball that looks like a pearl and is the size of your palm, the third one is a staff made up of ice and decorated with jewels and the last one is the statue of a prince who is without his crown.”

“We have to find these things no matter how……..” Said Charles.

“You are right, but there are so many of them” Amber said.

“I have an idea, let’s split into two groups and it will be easier to find the four things” Sofia suggested.

“Yes, I will go with you Sofia and, Charles and Amber can go”, James said.

They split into two groups and started searching everywhere and finally they were able to find all the four things.

“Oh, so tiring but at least we found them”, amber said.

“This prince is very small”, James said looking at the statue of prince.

“What’s next”, said Charles who looked very excited.

“In the fourth level you will have to find a secret room that is in this castle and the key is with you.” The voice said.

“Come on let’s do this……….”, Sofia said.

They again split into two groups and searched everywhere and finally found the room in the tower of the castle.

“What do we do now”, James asked excitedly.

“The voice said that we have the key right”, Charles reminded everyone.

Sofia said “I think that it has something to do with the things that we found.”

“Let’s see, can you give me the four things Sofia?” Amber said.

“Yeah sure”, Sofia said as she handed over the things to Amber.

“Maybe……if we put this staff and small ball together they can do something.” Amber said.

Suddenly a spark happened and the staff shone and the ball glowed brightly and they both together made a beautiful stick.

“Wow that’s brilliant”, Charles said looking surprisingly at the stick.

“What do we do now?” James asked

“Simple we just slowly bang the stick to the door just as they do in the movies”, Sofia said smartly.

And when they did so the door of the secret room opened and the four friends stepped inside.

The strange voice spoke again “this is the fifth and final level, as you can see there are four boxes in front of you, in these four boxes two boxes are good and two are bad. One of them will help you to break the enchantment of this palace and the other one will take you back to the home but if you choose the wrong box then the enchantment will never break and you will be stuck here forever.”

“I just know what to do”, Charles said as he took the prince and the crown together and joined them.

With another spark the prince statue became alive and big and the prince spoke “thank you children for breaking the spell and saving me, I will help you get out of here” And saying this the prince said some magical verse and two boxes from the four came in front of them.

“Are these the correct boxes?” James asked.

“Yes they sure are, go on open them.” The prince said.

When they opened the first box the enchantment of the palace broke and the birds started to sing , the sun was shining and the palace became normal again. The children were very happy.

“Finally our hard work has paid”, Sofia said with a sigh.

“Thank you very much for saving me and my palace”, the prince said very happily.

“You are welcome” the four children said together as they opened the second box.

The big white hole appeared in-front of them again and they entered it and in a flash they were back to the home sitting on the sofa.

“That really was quite adventurous and also very tiring.” Sofia said.

“I am so glad that we are back home”, sighed Amber.

“You are right”, James added.

“I am very tired so I am going home, but that will be an unforgettable moment of my life.” Charles said looking tired of all the adventure.

They all bid good bye to James and went back to their homes with their heart and minds full of the excitement and adventure that they had.

THE END       


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