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Is Supreme Court shielding INSANE JUDGES?

Krishnaraj Rao

Is Supreme Court shielding INSANE JUDGES? Did a bench headed by CJI Dattu rule against giving RTI information about judges’ medical expenses on Thursday, to prevent the public from knowing which judges take prescription-drugs for MENTAL ILLNESSES?

Some judges may arguably be impeached on grounds of being unable to discharge their duties because of “unsound mind”.

Here’s a list of High Court judges in India:

Are we saying that out of these 650-odd judges, not even one is taking treatment for Schizophrenia? Or Alzheimer’s disease? Or Bipolar Disorder? It is statistically impossible to have a 100% perfect population of judges. Not having a mechanism for weeding out the nutty ones means inflicting defective judgments on unsuspecting and defenseless citizens!


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