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KCR Remains Silent on Muslim Reservation in Telangana


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) remained silent on Muslim Reservation issue in a meeting held on 12 July, noted Muslims Empowerment Movement (MEM). He had promised Muslims of reservation during previous general elections. In the below reproduced letter, MEM urges for pressing TS government to keep its promise. 

KCR announced 12% reservations to Muslims of the state once he comes to power. He reiterated the same during 2014 Ramzan and said that Muslim will get it by 2015 Ramzan. Sops announced for now should not cost us reservations. He maintained critical silence on 12% Reservation issue.

So far nothing legally cognizable done though ‘Sudheer Committee’ is appointed, legally it won’t have any say as the Courts time and again said that ‘Constitutionally BC Commission need to recommend any addition or deletion of Classes in the State / Central BC list’. Article 15 and 16 of the Indian Constitution are the only instruments to give reservations to any Community / Class in the Country. Government is diverting Muslims by announcing sops on this ‘Iftar’ at the cost of Reservations.

We need to pressurize the Government to keep its promise and get the 12% implemented by irrefutable means before the issual of Notification on Government Vacancies. The Media reports and the response in the legislative Assembly show that there are 1,07,744 Vacancies in the State of Telangana and the Government is supposed to fill at least half of them within the next six months. Community needs to register its voice other than political parties as they won’t have any say in a majoritarian government rule.

In this context we have discussed with many Community associations, activists, and political leaders and decided to have a campaign in the state. The campaign will start today night once the CM completes his ‘Iftar’ Speech by releasing campaign Poster in social media followed by getting the Posters Physically pasted at every Mosque of the state.

This will continue till October 3rd week adopting different means to involve maximum number of people from various walks of life in the state. This issue by default needs the review of state Reservation policy. Evolving opinion among other stake holders of Affirmative action is also crucial. Involving Scs, Sts and OBCs of the sate for Muslim reservation should also be part of the Activity. So, the campaign also targets other deprived sections of Telangana Society from the Grassroots. Series of meeting, dialogues will be initiated for this purpose.

All this activity is aimed to pressurize government to adopt Constitutional means to realize reservations for Muslims the state by BC Commission and other related commissions to work out on the new reservation policy in this newly emerged state of Telangana. The BC commission bound to revise its list under section 9 of the act.

State Gov need to give all sort of data with regard to Employment, Education sociological conditions of SC, ST, BC and Muslims in the state and prove that Muslims are more backward than all the Classes availing reservation. By this only we can get reservation in the state.


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