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Learn to Live Together Peacefully: UN Peace Amb. Najeeb

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Service to humanity is like service to God. People have to learn to live together peacefully, articulated Mohammed Najeeb, International Ambassador for Peace, UPF International Office of United Nations.

“As human beings it is our duty to think about each other”, he added while speaking to learned audience at an Inter-faith Iftaar – Dialogue & Dinner organized on 11 July at Roda Mistry College of Social Service in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Inter-faith Iftaar - Dialogue & Dinner

Inter-faith Iftaar – Dialogue & Dinner

Among key speakers at the program were Admiral Laxminarayan Ramdas, Smt Anita Rajendra, Prof Purushottam Reddy, Varghese Theckanath, Nirmala Chakravarthy, Maya Chandwani, Salil Talaulikar, Sr, Adv L Ravichander, Sagar Dhara, Prof Ramakant Das, Father Bosco, Aariz Muhammad, Abhishek Jagini, Amina Hussain, Subash Reddy, Ehsan Khaja.

The program started at 6PM and ran up to 9.40PM. It was attended by around 50 socially conscious and responsive people from across all faiths and walks of society. Dr Lubna Sarwath was the coordinated of the program, while Muhammad Abdul Majeed took care of hospitality.

Statement from Inter-Faith Iftaar – Dialogue & Dinner

  • The gathering that consisted of eminent citizens of India and Hyderabad felt unanimously that it is the need of the hour to converge steadfastly on common causes with truth, non-violence, tolerance, peace, justice as the epicenters to weave our societal bond.
  • Such inter-faith discourses focused on societal wellbeing and happiness, shall be held frequently to generate impetus for thought-processes among all-age groups and all walks of society for a thoughtful, humane and happy society.
  • Such a vibrant and conscious society would not become victim of vote-bank politics.  Such society’s eternal vigilance would usher in a more responsive, transparent and accountable government that would have the common peoples’ issues as a top priority ,and that would still listen to peoples’ voice even after forming the government…a government that would be concerned about building a good society.

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