SDPI bats for restoration of Jallikattu tradition

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New Delhi:  Social Democratic Party of India has lended its full support to Tamil people for restoration of traditional Jallikattu.

While demanding that the diversities must not be trampled upon, SDPI has strongly demanded in view of the growing agitation expanding to other areas in the county and honouring the federal sprit, the union government to immediately resolve the dispute by promulgating an ordinance to continue the tradition of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu.

“Tamil people have been on agitation against the ban on the tradition of Jallikattu. There is almost anunanimity in people of Tamil Nadu to keep alive their tradition. The ban put by the Govt. in furtherance of the order of the Supreme Court has created such a situation that has forced the people in a large number to stand to oppose the court order and to come to Marina Beach for the restoration of their traditional rights,” reads the statement issued by SDPI.

SDPI has said that there has been a growing tendency in the country where a group of privileged persons on the basis of self-promoted ethics and morality, in contrast to the constitutional rights of the people, commanding huge means and positions, beyond the ground realities of the society, try to dictate terms with their likes and dislikes, degrading the values of divergent sections of the country.

“These decisions had left bad tests when dishonouring the feelings of the people of Maharashtra the tradition of GovindaHandi was banned.We may see this tendency growing to such an extent that leads to propagate the unification and uniformity in such a fashion that even common civil code is being discussed to be forced, to irrevocably damage the unity and diversity in the county,” read the statement.

“The reaction from Tamil people should be respected as an effort to the way of strengthening the democracy in the country,” the statement further reads.


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