CM Phadnavis directs Chief Secretary to probe Rs 1000 crore Wakf Land Scam in Kondhwa

BeyondHeadlines Staff Reporter

PUNE: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Phadnavis has got cracking and asked the State Home Secretary to probe Kondhwa Wakf Land case of Survey No 55 belonging to Alamgir Dargah Trust situated in Kondhwa Budruk. The Chief Minister in his letter written to MLA Imtiaz Jaleel stated that the case has been handed over to the State Home Secretary for a detailed probe wherein the appropriate orders for action have been given. Besides, the Chief Minister has also asked the Principal Secretary ( Minority Development ) to look into the matter on a priority basis.

The CM’s actions comes after a written complaint was made against all the illegal transactions which took place in Survey No 55 where the prime wakf land estimated to be worth over Rs 1000 crores has been illegally sold by the corrupt trustees throwing all the norms to the wind by MLA Imtiaz Jaleel. He had written a letter to the CM drawing his attention towards the large scale corruption by trustees , agents and land record officials. He also demanded a  CID inquiry and registration of criminal cases against them and the buyers who according to him duped the nation and muslim community taking advantage of corruption and manipulation.

Jaleel said that inquiry will nail the corrupt trustees and bring out the truth into the open. He further maintained a detailed probe into the case will ensure that justice is done to the poor and needy muslims of Pune and added that government must soon issue a notification regarding complete handover of the land to muslims of Pune.

He further said that the wakf thieves over past three decades manipulated the land records and corrupt land record officials and have committed a crime against humanity. The Kondhwa Wakf Land of Survey No 55 belonging to Alamgir Masjid Trust is a national , muslim community wakf asset and cannot be sold or bought by anybody according to the constitution of the country.

The brazen manner in which the trustees and their masterminds committed this act is a example of highly organized and professiona planning of an organized crime syndicate with deep pockets. Now, their lies have been exposed threadbare and the property will be returned to the muslim community as it has woken up from the slumber and realized its real enemies who sold the land. These corrupt trustees and their agents are enemies of muslim community and the nation and deserve the highest punishment of the land ,” Jaleel demanded.

Jaleel’s close confidante Saleem Mulla who has been handling the legal cell said that the order was welcome move and will help the Wakf board regain control over such an important parcel of national land which will be utilized for the development of the society and the nation.

Mulla  further  said that all the illegal buyers of the land must relinquish their land titles in favour of the Wakf Board and also face the law for criminal and organized conspiracy against the muslim community and India. He added that there was a gang of  some very powerful,  filthy rich , secret and corrupt muslim masterminds based in Pune with international links who were  encouraging the illegal sale of the wakf land of Kondhwa.

“ These persons portray themselves that they are the leaders of the community but in fact are the staunchest enemies of the community and have destroyed one  generation completely.  They are the most corrupt, inhuman and devilish muslims with lots of money which they have earned by illegal means and destroying muslim  culture and youth by selling off muslim wakf properties. These people will also be sent behind the bars and their names will be revealed soon ,” he added.  Mulla is also handling the party communication with the Chief Ministers Office (CMO) and Home Ministry. It was Mulla who has singlehandedly spearheaded the Kondhwa Wakf Land liberation struggle in Pune and has emerged as a role model for lakhs of youth in the country.

The MIM plans to develop the over 46.01 acres of  Alamgir Masjid Trust Wakf land as of the grandest infrastructural model in the country comprising of  large community centres, large playgrounds, state of the art sports arena, modern schools , world class colleges , archaelogical conservation of existing age old mosque in the campus for the heritage lovers and starting skill development programmes for the unemployed muslim youth and skilling centre in the wakf land.

The MIM has also written to the Chief Minister asking him to remove all the illegal enroachments in the land including a bungalow, mobile towers and also demanded an end to illegal truck parking in the area. The MIM has also requested the PMC to disconnect all the civic amenities given to the illegal occupants and demanded swift eviction of the squatters.


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