‘Foreign intelligence agencies can access Aadhar Data’

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Pune : India’s most hounded activist Teesta Setalvad on Saturday said that India was on the verge of fast becoming a police state with rapid advances being made in the field of surveillance technology and snooping over the citizens of the country. She was addressing  mammoth anti mob lynching gathering at the predominantly muslim areas of  Kausar Baug Ground in  Kondhwa which was attended by thousands of mulsims, dalits and liberals from all communities.

Teesta pointed out that there was an urgent and pressing need to support  the National Campaign Against Mob Lynching currently being discussed and deliberated in the country through the Manav Suraksha Kanoon (MASUKA) awareness  rallies. She further expressed fears that Baba Ramdev and his newly formed  security firm ‘Parakram Suraksha’ could well turn out be an Indian Blackwater. She said that the past utterances of Baba Ramdev have been related to beheadings and open challenge to the constitution of the country is a worrisome trend.

“When Baba Ramdev  who has publicly stated that he is ready to behead hundreds of thousands  just for not ‘chanting’ patriotic slogans starts a private security company with an aim to “develop military instinct in each and every citizen of the country so as to awaken the spirit and determination for individual and national security. It is high time  we should be worried as it is a trend towards greater fascism and rise of private armies for complete control and total submission of population to their fascist masters,” she said in her 20 minute speech.

Referring to Aadhar project, she said that the stupid intiative was the first step towards total surrender of national sovereignty and the data being held with agency can be compromised and land into the hands of a foreign intelligence agencies like mossad or get into the hands of Americans and other foreign intelligence agencies. She was equally critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government saying the open mob lynching pointed out the role nefarious role of the state in deliberately remaining a mute spectator to the crimes against humanity.

Justice Kolse Patil in his address also said that secret machinations inside the corridors of power were underway to bring about total domination of the imperliast class backed by their secret fascist supporters operating under the mask of liberals. Patil further said that there were many episodes in the country’s history where the fascists were trained by foreign intelligence agencies to disrupt the power balance and keep perpetual hands in the hands of secret fascists.

Muslims religious scholars maintained that the fight against the fascist Gau Rakshaks will continue and legal petitions and FIR’s will be filed against them in the courts and police stations. Muslim scholars maintained that secret societies owing allegiance to satan were behind the process of communalism and divide on the society in India. The secret society members of India went to Italy during the reign of Mussolini and had borrowed all the concept of Satanism and wreaking havoc in the society. The current mayhem being experience is because they follow the practice of Satanism in their dealings in India so that their 3000 year old hegemony over power is maintained in India, the scholars said.


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