Mushrif : IB framing muslims in false terror cases

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PUNE : Retired  Deputy Inspector General  of Police (DIG) , author of the international bestseller ‘ Who Killed Karkare  ’ has said that the manner in which courts across the country were releasing muslim suspects falsely accused of terrorism is a pointer towards the unprofessional , biased and brahmanised way in which the country’s premiere Intelligence Bureau (IB) framed muslims as a part of its diabolical policy.

Mushrif was addressing a large gathering of citizens at the launch of another startling and revelatory book entitled ‘ Begunah Qaidi ’  penned by Abdul Wahid Shaikh at Savitribai Phule Sabha Griha in Bhavani Peth locality of Pune City. Shaikh who was implicated falsely implicated in a terror attack and was kept in jail for nine years. The  400-page book is a gripping narrative about his experiences and is  serving  as a valuable  guide for muslim youth who got framed in synthetic terror cases.

Mushrif  further said that RSS was a secretive brahminist organization which had silently gained controlled over the very important and crucial intelligence apparatus of the country that is IB. Over the past sixty years through infiltration of RSS minded officials were specially marked to take over the premiere intelligence agency of the country. The agency has deliberately misled all the organs of the state to further its own  expansionist agenda aimed at strengthening its hold over the Indian society. “ Muslims have been made scapegoats and painted as villains to hide the crimes of the brahminist terrorists who in fact are the real enemies of India and indulging in large scale mayhem just to maintain their control over the society ,” he added.

Abdul Wahid Shaikh said that framing muslims in false terror cases has been a policy of the secret services as it furthers their agenda of complete domination and control over the society. The educated and highly qualified muslims who can give a new direction to the country in the interest of humanity were chosen to be framed by the evil doers so that the game of false malignation continues day in day out.  “ My book will serve as guide for the people being falsely accused of terrorism and help people understand how the agencies operate and will also make muslims aware of a subject otherwise never known or told them in their lives ,” he added.

Dalit intellectuals who had gathered in large numbers to listen to the speakers said that RSS was a secret society and working towards complete destablisation of the country as it was global, imperialistic, ruthless , violent in its intellect and aims at racial superiorty belonging to its club of racial rulers who don’t want other sections of the Indian society to rise to the top echelons of the society. However, the machinations of the satanic brahminist IB have stood exposed after Mushrif wrote the book highlighting the secret control of India through mind control by the ultra silent, watchful and sinister sleuths of IB, the activists maintained.

Moolniwasi Muslim Manch President Anjum Inamdar said that issue of terrorism must be viewed through global lens as world’s  most powerful and dangerous forces are behind the plot to frame muslims as part of their long term agenda and muslims have started knowing about it through books like Who Killed Karkare and Begunah Qaidi. However, the constitution of the country and the teachings of  Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar have helped us combating the hidden forces of brahminists and their plans to control the country by falsely accusing muslims so that the society can always be fooled in the name of muslims. Meanwhile, a massive awareness programme highlighting the the secret manner in which the muslim community is target by the conspirators will be conducted across the nation to make the muslims aware about their real enemies. Besides, the international links of the brahminist organization with the global secret cabal of racial superiorists and their blood ties must also be investigated , muslim religious scholars maintained.


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