‘I M Possible’ is the new mantra

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Who says you cannot achieve what you want? Because, if you wish something from the heart, not only does the mind and body fall in sync, but also the entire universe works to bring your desire towards fulfilment.

If we take some time out of our hectic schedule to look for a miracle around us, to look for the hero in each one of us, there is always the scope for a miracle to be found. This is something that holds absolutely true in the case of M. Arif and Daleep.

Both of these gentlemen have worked extensively, at the grass root level, to not only understand their rights, but also the entitlement due to their fellow-villagers. Schemes that the government provides are not always understood or availed, which is a huge challenge for both, authorities and citizens.

Am I entitled to a pension? If yes, then how much? How do I avail it? What is RTI? Why is it beneficial? How to file an RTI? Are my children entitled to school uniforms and books? If yes, how do I apply for this benefit?

“There are many questions, but the good part is that there are many answers. We try to find solutions to challenges and answers to questions, whatever the scenario may be, as this helps us to learn as well. That is what is so exciting about this entire journey. I still fondly remember my first day of training at the Sehgal Foundation; when I look back at my experiences, there is a sense of pride on the milestones achieved. It is, in fact, a miracle, but then I also attribute these experiences to the foundation, which stood by us at each crossroad, during each challenge and for every problem or question” says Arif.

Daleep’s journey is yet another intriguing tale of grit and determination. Being visually challenged never hampered the spirit of living life to the fullest, not only for oneself but also for others. After attending a training at the Sehgal Foundation, Daleep helps senior citizens and other visually impaired fellow-villagers to avail their rights and benefits. Not only did he convert the challenge of his sight impairment to a success story, but for him, distances just do not count. Helping widows and dependents, children and senior citizens, you name it and Daleep is ever-ready to lend a helping hand.

The Sehgal Foundation has been conducting trainings in the field of governance, at the grass-root level, since many years, with the simple objective of awareness generation that could help citizens and governments be equal and efficient stakeholders in good governance. Arif and Daleep are classic examples of how citizens can be the real contributors to the multiplier effect of the cause.

Whoever said “Impossible!”, ‘I M Possible’ is the new mantra.


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