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Poll results in 5 states is a HONEYPOT from BJP…

Tanveer Ahmed Shams

This is a known fact that the Election Commission is working with BJP internally. Election Commissioner was taken from Gujarat CM office. BJP got to hold on  EVM machines. With that being said, how did this happen that BJP loses the majority in 5 states in a row? Is this not suspicious?

Congress too didn’t expect such results. Except for Chattisgarh, they did not make enough efforts to achieve these results…    

BJP/RSS are long-term players. They are friends with Ashkenazi Jews and somewhat very much similar to them too. Whatever they believe and want to achieve, they are working continuously for generations to achieve. And the sense vulnerability far before it becomes a threat.

They seem to be very near to achieve their goals. This 2019 election is crucial for their success to remain in government, to take the maximum majority in Parliament and replace the Indian constitution with Manu Smriti laws by 2024. After this, they don’t need an Election to remain in power forever.

To win the 2019 election,  EVM is the most potent and easiest weapon they have in their hands and they cannot afford to lose it.

EVM credibility is going down very fast in India, a big percentage of Indians have an opinion for having election through ballot papers already. If this situation rises up in near future, Election Commission will be forced to replace EVM which BJP/RSS can’t afford.

So, they came up with this master plan of 2019 to configure EVMs in these 5 state elections to manipulate the results in favour of other parties. This is to boost the credibility and faith on EVMs. And when they will use the full potential EVMs for their advantage, it will be a clean sweep.

So don’t be happy with the results. This is a honeypot from BJP.

(Views are personal)


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