Ajay Singh-Mukesh Lodhi Nexus should be probed in AMU Episode

By Mohammad Sajjad

If at all the current AMU episode was a fracas between the Arnab’s channel and the AMU students/AMU security personnel, then how and why did it turn into saffron outfits’ workers versus AMU students?

Please recall, a few weeks ago Ajay Singh, (the LLM student of AMU and grandson of ex BJP legislator, minister, Dalvir Singh) wanted to take out a Tiranga Yatra on bikes, (quite like the one in Kasganj which had led to communal violence).

Arnab’s channel was the quickest to jump into it.

Please remember the Yatra was parallel to the AMU’s weeklong celebration which Ajay refused to join.

On 12 Feb 2019, the saffron outfit workers from the city of Aligarh were the quickest to jump into the fracas between the newsperson and the AMU.

Let this nexus be probed. Doesn’t it look like a case of Ajay Singh-Mukesh Lodhi trying to bolster their own political career out of this?

Why does the Arnab’s channel keep courting spectacular controversies? Why did not his channel seek AMU permission? Why did the channel trespass the campus?

Shall Arnab let everybody enter into his studio without permission?

Why Aligarh police is not registering FIR (on AMU’s complaints) against the tresspassers of the RepublicBharat TV and against the saffron goons, whereas the FIR from their side (Mukesh Lodhi of Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha) has been registered?

Mukesh Lodhi is the one who gave an ultimatum to AMU to construct a temple?

Whose bikes have been burnt? How did these sneak into the campus?

Who burnt these bikes? 

Why did the newsperson use the term “terrorists”?

Why did the newsperson report about Allahabad, misleading the newsviewers as if she was reporting live from Allahabad?

(Author Mohammad Sajjad is Professor at Centre of Advanced Study in History, Aligarh Muslim University. This article is reproduced from his facebook post.)


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