Indian-Ghananian Author Gurdip Hari’s latest book on self healing launched at Ghana High Commission

BeyondHeadlines Correspondent 

New Delhi: Ghana High Commission recently hosted the launch of Gurdip Hari’s new book ‘Go Back to Nature & Heal Your Self’. Gurdip Hari released his book in the presence of HE Michael A.N.N. Oquaye Jr the Ghana High Commissioner to India and Sandeep Marwah Director Asian Academy of Film & Television.

This book is published by Bliss In Unity. There are seven chapters in the book.

Gurdip Hari, an Indian-Ghananian entrepreneur turned author, is a man on a mission to help his fellow traveler on Earth find true eternal success in every area of their lives by transforming their health. In this book he talks about self-healing, personal and timeless universal secrets on how to reach the heights of success and prosperity, and live a fulfilled, healthy and happy life.

This book takes the readers back in time to help connect them with their innermost core, and see the magnificence of their real personality and the supernatural powers that are an integral part of them. In school, they teach us the science of the material world, but no one teaches internal science, and true success is impossible without it.

He says, “Several books of knowledge highlight that if we look carefully and observe nature, we can find the truth about our real personality and to make such observation, we need to look no further than into the life of a tiny little spider. There are two essential elements that we shall focus upon and the first one deal with how a spider builds a web to live and catch his prey.”

He added, “Without any doubt, the most magnificent wonder machine on earth is the human body. Fasting is the first step to begin a new way of life by cleansing and detoxifying your body. A clean body leads to a healthy state of mind and that leads to success in every area of your life. To be able to do the incredible and miraculous things you are truly capable of, you must first fully understand who you really are.”


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