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Arundhati Roy’s book “Ek Tha Doctor, Ek Tha Sant” launched in the Capital

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New Delhi: Renowned writer Arundhati Roy’s new book ‘Ek Tha Doctor Ek Tha Sant’ was launched recently at the Constitutional Club in the Capital. On this occasion journalist Urmilesh Urmil, Dilip Mandal, Minister of Delhi Government, Rajendra Pal Gautam, Associate Professor Anita Bharti, Politician Manisha Bangar, Activist Sunil Sardar, Activist Anil Yadav ‘Jaihind’ were all present as speakers and the program was moderated by professor Ratan Lal.  ‘Ek Tha Doctor Ek Tha Sant’ novel has been published in both English and Hindi languages. Hindi translation of this book published by Rajkamal Prakashan is done by Anil Yadav ‘Jaihind’ and Associate Professor Ratan Lal of Delhi University.

This book contains the blind eye towards caste prejudice, capitalism, favouritism in India, by referring to Ambedkar’s speech by Gandhian intellectuals. It also talks about the Hindu nation of the Sangh Parivar. In order to understand and deal with inequality in India, Arundhati Roy puts emphasis that we must test both the political development and the impact of Gandhi. It is to be said that why the enlightened challenge given to Gandhi’s almost divine image by Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar was suppressed by the elite class of India.

In the analysis of Arundhati Roy, we see that Ambedkar’s fight for justice has been systematically abrogated, in favour of strengthening caste policies, which results in the current Indian nation which is independent of the British rule today, is powerful at the world level, but even today the caste system is deeply inclined.

Arundhati Roy, writer of this book was present on the occasion and said, “The subject of this book is quite self-centred and it is an expansion analysis on Ambedkar. Ambedkar and Gandhi have not been compared in this book. This is a story about how a particular class was totally ignored socially and politically.”

Book’s co-translator, Ratan Lal said, “History has treated Ambedkar brutally, history hid Ambedkar’s writings from the eyes of the world, but still Ambedkar’s people kept him alive in their hearts”. 

Translator Anil Yadav ‘Jaihind’ sharing his experience on this book said, “Our country needs a social revolution and this revolution can come by reading, this book. It can revolutionize this country. While reading this book in English, I was shocked. I have tried to keep it simple while translating this book. It is difficult to translate Arundhati’s books because one word has many meanings. We have tried our best not to put our own interpretation in the script”.

Senior journalist Urmilesh Urmil speaking on the book, said, “What type of author writes on social topics and practices? It is exemplary; this book will inspire the Hindi readers. To establish Ambedkar in Hindi region of India, the credit must go to Kanshi Ram”.

Anita Bharti, Associate Professor at the University of Delhi expressing her views in a vocal note regarding the book, said, “The Gandhi movement of Gandhiji has been shown very well in this book. It is in this book how Gandhiji’s hatred towards blacks in Africa and conspiring with the people of Africa towards blacks has been shown. In India, Gandhiji is only responsible for hatred towards the Dalits. Ambedkar was a supporter of women, while Gandhi used to see women as an object. “

Rajendra Pal Gautam, Minister Social Justice Department, Government of Delhi said, “Through this book, the author has incorporated Ambedkar knowledge”.

Ashok Maheshwari, managing director of Rajkamal Prakashan said, “In Hindi, almost all Arundhati books are published by Rajkamal, we are proud of this. ‘Ek Tha Doctor Ek Tha Sant’ book is being published today for Hindi reader’s society. This opportunity was possible only because of the hard work and efforts of Mr Anil Yadav ‘Jaihind’ and Mr Ratan Lal. I am very grateful to them. I welcome all the scholars, well-read readers.”

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