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PM’s Silence: A Riposte to Media

Siddique Urooj for BeyondHeadlines

The whole argument rushing in the social media is all about having a direct dialogue with the PM, let’s not get into this in the starting and keep it for last and I’ll tell you why it’s actually favour to Indian Media and to the country itself.

This conference at the last pavement of elections could benefit the governing party as now they could claim of PM having a press conference but the layered truth in the whole run time also deals with the constant silence from the PM and seeing Amit Shah covering the front. PM Modi, widely known for his outrageous speeches, sitting in utter silence speaks much more.

Is he only comfortable with interviews on studio and dealing with the questions of his personal life, questions on how he manages his sleep and work and how he eats mangoes or doesn’t he realise that being the Prime Minister of a nation equates to lay down the personal life and treat ones public life as one’s very eccentric  living.

The journalists popped 19 questions to the facing desk out of these 4 questions were requested to addressed by the Prime Minister but he didn’t care to answer any of them and passed to Amit Shah, remembering the “Discipline of BJP”. But I wonder why does media really want the PM to address them in the first place? Hadn’t they got enough from his “political and apolitical” interviews? Or does this situation directly backfires to the Media itself that they didn’t care to ask really important and serious questions when there was time?

According to an analysis by Kaveri Bamzayi, the rallies and interviews of PM Modi and Amit Shah alone got 845 hours of TV coverage between April 1, 2019, to April 28, 2019. This number is far superior to the coverage of any other party or say leaders of any party in specific and is there any need to establish the notion that the very first conference by PM would get a full show on TV right before the last phase of elections and thus could lead to shifting the voting metre.

Now, coming to my initial statement, it was really soothing and should be acknowledged that PM Modi and Amit Shah switched roles, while the PM chose to stare at the journalists and the mic, Shah decided to answer.

No journalist would have asked questions if Amit Shah would be staring because even they like to go for morning walks.

(Author is Graduate in Mass Communication.)


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