Yes, as a Hindu I stood up for Tabrez because Only few could…

©Afroz Alam Sahil

By Swati

Yes, as a Hindu I stood up for Tabrez because there were less Hindu people who could. And the rest were indifferent and in fact rejoiced (shamefully) the hate crime in the name of Lord Ram and even Ram if he exists is ashamed of them. 

Coming to some people using what obituary asking me to speak on Bharat Yadav because the accused in the daylight rage are Muslims. While Bharat was given hospital services but he succumbed to injuries. 

This is a road rage crime where no religious affiliation rejoiced the crime and in fact condemned it, however, the Mob Lynching in the name of Ram didn’t just take away one life but was a direct message to threaten minorities and this has been a continuing trend since 2014 starting from Pehlu Khan, Akhlaq. 

I love Bharat Yadav because the poor soul lost his life but I also love Tabrez Ansari who also lost his life and his last memory was of more than 8 hours of the assault and that too in the name of God. 

I feel for humans both ways. 

©Afroz Alam Sahil  

And we are asking Justice not revenge because we are unlike the Zombies ready to lynch us any day anytime for just loving humans beyond caste and religion. 

I hope those asking me for Bharat Yadav just got validated that we are not selective like them. 

Take care. 

We cannot force you to love someone, but we can surely force you to not lynch anyone. 

Wake up and show your humanity before it vanishes from this subcontinent.

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