A Wise Fisherman

Tauhid Nasir for BeyondHeadlines

On the bank of a river, two students of Law were discussing a class lecture in which their professor taught them a male child automatically gets 2/3rd shares and female child 1/3rd shares rights in the ancestral property with their birth.

“But the professor didn’t say anything about shares rights if a person is a eunuch,” one student asked the other.

“Yes, you are right,” the other student said laughing.

The content of the discussion of these two students was a complete surprise to hear for a fisherman who was fishing nearby. The fisherman, out of curiosity, gave a big fish to students and said, “Take this fish home and relish it with your friends.”

The students happily accepted the fish and went back home. After a while, a bigger and rare fish ravelled in the fisherman’s net. The fisherman was very happy to see this rare breed of fish and thought it must be a reward from God for the fish he gave to students.

He started thinking that he will sell it in the market and earn a lot of money. On his way, he thought by selling it I will get hardly 100, 200 bucks or the most 300 bucks, which is not a big amount. Then he started thinking of something new that can fetch him more money. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to his mind that why not present this rare fish to the king. The king will be happy and in return, he would give me lots of rewards. Finally, the fisherman decided to present the fish to the king and walked down to the king’s court.

“My lord, I have brought a rare fish for you; I hope you will like it, said the fisherman.

“I see,” nod the king.

“What is so special about this fish that you think I would like it,” asked the king.

The fisherman said, “My lord, this fish is believed to be a symbol of good fortune, abundant wealth and attracts success and prosperity.”

“Wow, that’s great,” said the king.

The king became very delighted to hear such kind words from the fisherman. He was also very happy to know that such a rare fish lives in his kingdom. The king praised the fisherman and gave him thousands of bucks from the royal treasure in reward.

When the queen came to know about this, she didn’t like the decision of the king and decided to talk to him.

“Your majesty, why did you give thousands of bucks from royal treasure to the fisherman for such an ordinary fish”, the queen asked the king.

“This way, one day our royal treasury will be empty and we will become poor and enslaved. If you don’t mind, then return this fish and take back the money you gave to him,” the queen suggested the king.

“What are you saying? It is against our pride and honour. After all, how can I ask him to return the money, I am a king”, the king angrily replied to the queen.

The queen said, “Don’t worry, I have an idea.”

Call the fisherman back in the court, and ask whether this fish is male or female. If he says male, then refuse it by saying that we do not eat male fish and if he says female then again refuse it by saying that we do not eat female fish. This way, the fisherman won’t feel bad and your pride will also remain intact.

The king liked this trick of the queen and recalled the fisherman in his court. The fisherman, along with all the courtiers of the king was worried about what mistake did he commit that the king has called him back. After much of anxiety, the scared fisherman appeared before the king.

“Fisherman, can you tell me if this fish is a male or a female,” the king asked the fisherman.

The question immediately reminded the fisherman of the discussion two students had on the issue of rights of eunuch at the bank of a river.

The fisherman felt relaxed and said with a smile, “My lord this fish is neither male nor female, but eunuch.”

The prompt and witty reply from the fisherman triggered laughter among the entire courtier and the king. At his sharp reply, the king became very happy and instead of taking money back from him the king, amidst cheers and applause from the courtiers, rewarded him with some more bucks and jewellery.


* Be compassionate as it always pays off.

* Remain calm even in an adverse situation as it gives inner strength and self-confidence

* What you are destined to get you will get, even if people conspire against you.

* Add some humour in life. Because it has the power to change human moods and can take a person out of depression.


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